8 New Arrivals - Indonesia is back!

Hey Friends! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Not that you needed reminding, but we're smack in the middle of the Holiday season now and I want to encourage you to place any Christmas orders you're considering as early as possible. While I can't make guarantees for every single package, orders placed in the next week are almost certainly going to arrive before Christmas. Speaking of Christmas gifts, we've decided to extend our Roaster Special through the end of the month! All roasters sold will include Free Shipping, our usual 6 pound sampler of greens as well as a $15 TCC gift card. So whether you're giving the gift of home roasting to a friend or using some of that sweet, sweet Christmas cash to give yourself a much needed upgrade, we've got you covered. But wait, there's more! Did I forget to mention we just had a huge arrival of fresh beans?!


Indonesian coffee bags

The Boys are back! Our favorite Indonesian coffees have finally arrived! All of them have the characteristic rich, syrupy body and low acidity we've come to know and love. Our favorite choices for 2nd crack or darker roasts.

Bali Blue Moon Organic: Baker's chocolate, cedar & vanilla. The most well balanced of the bunch.

Bali Kintamani Natural Organic: Same coffee as Blue Moon, but natural processed! Cherry, candied orange, anise and milk chocolate. This is the only one of the 4 we prefer at Full Medium.

Java Kayumas Taman Dadar Organic: Dark chocolate, black cherry, allspice and pipe tobacco. Big, bold, complex. Not for the faint at heart.

Flores Bajawa Ngura: Cocoa powder, marshmallow and vanilla. Did someone say hot chocolate? Definitely the laid back one of the group.


Mocca Java Blend

Mocca Java Bundle: For the first time in ages, we've got these two iconic coffees in stock at the same time. Better yet, we're running this bundle as a sale for the Holidays! This is the grandaddy of all blends. There are lots of ways to approach this blend, so we're packaging the two coffees separately so we don't limit your opportunities to experiment. Check the product page for a short guide. If you've never tried the oldest known coffee blend, don't miss out!


For our Ethiopian restock, we decided to revisit a small independent producer from the Gedeb sub region of Yirgacheffe: Daniel Mijane. We just polished off our small supply of his washed grade 1 from the Halo Hartume station and we were so impressed, we doubled down! This time, we picked up his washed from the Worka Sakaro station and natural from the Halo Hartume station. Both are grade 1 and the absolute cream of the Gedeb crop:

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gedeb Halo Hartume Natural: Twisty, funky & fruity but surprisingly accessible. Big strawberry notes followed by peach, milk chocolate and raspberry.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gedeb Worka Sakaro Washed: Very floral aroma and cup. balanced with a clean, refreshing finish. Notes of jasmine, lavender, lemonade and plum.


Nicaragua Grupo Eden Finca Aguacatal Organic: This Royal Crown Jewel is fine Central American coffee at its best. It consists of only the Caturra variety so this is a great opportunity to taste the best this cultivar has to offer! Fully washed, it's well balanced with surprisingly low acidity and excellent sweetness. It's also incredibly versatile and will work well with a wide range of roast levels. At full medium, expect notes of apple pie, fig, honey and plum. Check the price on this coffee, you're not going to believe what a steal this Crown Jewel is.


Colombia Huila Pitalito El Bombo Organic: Last but not least, we've been really impressed with coffees from the Huila region this season! This delightful blend from farmers in the small community of El Bombo showcases some of the best the Huila region has to offer. The varietals included are Bourbon, Caturra, Colombia and even Gesha. The expert blending of these varietals creates a smooth, rich cup with balanced notes of dark chocolate, hops, lime and caramel.

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