2 New Coffees

Ok, I'll admit it: last week's blog about ringing in the Spring might have been premature. We got blasted by another winter surge here in the mountains, but I guess Winter needed one last hurrah. Oh well, at least we've got plenty of coffee to keep us warm while we wait it out! Speaking of which, here's two fresh arrivals that will do just that:


Honduras Nueva Esperanza Organic: Nueva Esperanza means "New Hope" and we can't think of a more aptly named coffee to keep our hopes up about upcoming warmer weather! Creamy and full bodied, it's a very versatile coffee that will take a wide range of roast levels well. Look for notes of cocoa, almond and just a hint of lime.


Peru La Florida Organic

Peru La Florida Organic: Another delightfully versatile coffee, this Peruvian errs on the side of mild and easy going. It's highly drinkable with a medium to full body and a clean, quick finish. Look for notes of dark chocolate, tangerine and mild lemon.  

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