Memorial Day Sale

memorial day sale

Hi Friends! For all of Memorial Day weekend, we're having a sale on green coffee! It's a "Spend More = Save More" sale, so be sure to use the correct coupon code at checkout:

MEMORIALDAY35 : Spend $35 or more to receive 10% off green coffee

MEMORIALDAY75 : Spend $75 or more to receive 12% off green coffee

MEMORIALDAY125 : Spend $125 or more to receive 15% off green coffee

And in honor of Armed Forces Day (I know, we're a little late since it was last weekend, sorry about that!), members of the Armed Forces who have served or are currently serving will get free shipping on their orders during this sale. Just mention which branch of the Military you serve (or served) under in the memo box at checkout and we'll refund your shipping charges! We're incredibly grateful for you.

We hope all of you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Share your delicious, fresh roasted coffee with a vet or service member and don't forget to remember and honor those who gave everything for us.

Quick reminder that shipping carriers will not run again until Tuesday 5/31, so orders placed during the sale won't be headed your way until then. You may get an email notification of shipment with a tracking number prior to Tuesday, but it won't be updated until then.

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