Change is good!

Hey Friends!

As many of you may already know, we are working on a re-design of the TCC Website. It's been a few years since we've updated our look and features on the site and the entire goal is to make everything easier, cleaner, more mobile friendly and more helpful on your coffee roasting journey.

This process will involve several small changes, a big facelift and then some more small changes after that. Think of it as a 3 step process:

Step 1. Cleaning up existing content. Here, we'll be moving a few things around, re-organizing them and adding a few small features. Expect that things may look a little different here and there as you come back to visit and shop. If something you're looking for is in the process of being moved or changed, check back a little later and you should find it no problem!

Step 2. Facelift. This will be a big publish of a new storefront "look". We'll make a big announcement, the site will look new, improved, prettier and overall more polished! This big update will result in the biggest changes to improve navigation, ease of use and overall experience for you!

Step 3. A few more small changes. Once we feel confident the Facelift is everything we want it to be, we're going to add a few new features. Some of these will involve new product roll outs that we've held off on due to needing improved website functionality and some will be intended to help new visitors find what they are looking for. These changes will be very focused.

At each step of this process, we'll update you and we want to hear your feedback! If something isn't working right or you're experiencing difficulties, let us know, we'll sort you out right away! The entire goal of this update is to make your experience better and we welcome your suggestions and will work with you through any issues.

One thing that isn't changing at all is our checkout security. At all stages of this process, we are keeping the same super secure checkout we've been using for years and absolutely NONE of these changes will compromise that. Trust is extremely important to us and you can rest assured your payment info and your privacy are always our number one priority.

Once again, we welcome any and all feedback during, before and after this process! Let us know what you like, what you don't like and how we can make things better for you. Reach out to us through the contact page anytime for any reason at all.

You all are the absolute best.


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