Iced AeroPress Recipes

Today in our Iced Coffee series we're focusing on one of our favorite manual brewers: the AeroPress. The quirky little gadget is one of the most fun and fast ways to brew amazing coffee! It also leaves TONS of room for experimentation and geekery. AeroPress fans are so into this that there are actually coffee brewing competitions using just the AeroPress! Seriously, just Google AeroPress recipes and you'll be blown away. In fact, we did just that! After trying many different recipes, we're going to share our two favorites. The first will be a general, everyday Iced Coffee, the second will be more like an Iced Americano for those of you who love to make espresso-like shots using the AeroPress. Note: both recipes use the Inverted method!


Iced AeroPress ingredients

What You'll Need:

- An AeroPress (with the scoop, paddle, filters and funnel it comes with)


- Hot Water (Just off the boil or ~200 F)

- Ice

- A Scale (entirely option but necessary for full on geekery)


Everyday Easy Iced AeroPress

Iced AeroPress coffee

Step 1: For our everyday, smooth and drinkable Iced AeroPress, grind your coffee medium-coarse like sand. We recommend a light to medium roast, something fruity and sweet like Ethiopia, Honduras or Costa Rica. Put the plunger into your AeroPress to the 3 mark and INVERT IT (turn it upside down). Add 1.5 level scoops of ground coffee (20 grams).


AeroPress water

Step 2: Add hot water to fill about half the total chamber (30 grams). 


Iced AeroPress stir

Step 3: Using the AeroPress paddle, gently stir the coffee and water 3 times. Let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds.


Iced AeroPress additional water

Step 4: Add more hot water until there is only about 1/2 inch of space left at the top (another 138 grams of water). Allow the coffee to extract for an additional 2 minutes. During this time, fill your 8-12oz drinking cup with ice (80 grams).


AeroPress with filter

Step 5: Add a filter to the AeroPress basket and lock it on top of your brewing chamber. For best results, rinse the filter first with hot water.


Iced AeroPress flip

Step 6: Carefully flip your AeroPress onto your glass full of ice! If the glass opening is too wide or too narrow, use the funnel that came with your AeroPress for stability.


Iced AeroPress plunge

Step 7: Gently but firmly plunge the coffee into your glass over the course of about 15 seconds. Stop once you hear a hissing noise!


Iced AeroPress finished

Step 8: Enjoy! Add simple syrup and/or milk as desired. This recipe is not a concentrate, the ice melting should dilute the coffee to a typical brew strength.


AeroPress Iced Americano

For those who prefer a more Espresso-like AeroPress experience, we've put together a recipe just for you!

Step 1: Place the plunger at the 4 mark and INVERT your AeroPress. Choose a medium to dark roast coffee or your favorite espresso blend. Grind fine as you would for a pour over or even as fine as a typical espresso (powdery). Add 2 heaping scoops (25 grams) to your AeroPress. 

Step 2: Go ahead and pre-rinse your filter at this point as this recipe involves moving quickly and you'll want to be ready! Add enough hot water to fill the chamber with coffee and all to about half-way full (26 grams of water). 

Step 3: Give the grounds and water 3 quick stirs and start your timer!

Step 4: Add water again until you're about 1/2 inch from the top (another 80 grams). 

Step 5: Lock your filter on top of the AeroPress

Step 6: At 0:45 seconds, carefully flip your AeroPress on top of a mug

Step 7: Plunge as quickly as possible. This part is critical to getting a bit of that crema you see on professional espresso machine produced espressos! Stop plunging when you hear a hiss.

Step 8: Now is a great time to add a bit of sugar if you like while the espresso is hot. After you allow the espresso to cool for a minute, pour over a 8-12 oz glass filled with ice and add cold water to preferred level of dilution since you've just made a concentrate. Add simple syrup and milk if you like and enjoy!

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