And we're back!

Well folks, the Holidays have come and gone, a new year has arrived and we're putting ourselves to work! It's been a cold, snowy week here in the mountains of Western North Carolina so hot coffee has been a critical part of our New Year (as if we need an excuse to drink good coffee). So we're back at it full steam and excited for 2017 with a big restock and a couple new coffees!


Colombia Tolima Organic

Colombia Tolima Organic: Coffee from the Tolima region of Colombia has been a consistently amazing coffee for several seasons now and we're excited to have it back! It's an absolute treat to roast since it comes out so evenly and it's incredibly balanced and sweet in the cup. It's got notes of cherry, milk chocolate and orange with great body and a clean finish. And it's Organic to boot!



Tanzania Peaberry Ruvuma: Tanzania has become synonymous with Peaberry coffee and for good reason. The Ruvuma region has been producing amazing Peaberry for some time and we love having it in stock. This season's crop is balanced and clean with a medium body and slightly syrupy mouthfeel. Look for notes of black tea, peach and just a hint of lemon.


We've also restocked some of our most popular coffees including Flores Organic, Colombia Decaf, Ethiopia Konga Natural and many others! 

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