An Update and a Sale While We Wait

Hey Friends!

So many of you are probably wondering "hey we haven't seen any new arrivals in a while and didn't they say that SR540s and SR800s would be in by now?" Well you'd be absolutely right about both of those things so here's an update and a little sale while we wait!

Container ship

Major cargo container shipments have been delayed worldwide since the pandemic began last year but the last few months seem to have been compounded by a number of factors. I'm sure most of you heard about the Suez Canal blockage a little while back and how much of an impact that single ship had in delayed cargo worldwide. Well, that got more coverage than any other single incident, but everything from manufacturing delays, shipping delays, congestion in ports and stormy seas have had a pretty severe impact on everything from green coffee to home appliances and much much more.

Things have gotten so delayed that lots of items are being pre-sold before they even hit the shores. We had to pre-purchase our next batch of new coffees over a month ago and while most of them have made it to shore, we're still waiting on a couple bags to get them all shipped to the warehouse. Hopefully that will happen in the next week or two! The last container of SR540/SR800 roasters to hit the shores arrived with the container severely damaged back in January. As of last week, that shipment still hasn't been released to the manufacturer, much less to us! Thankfully, the distributor ordered another container right away but that shipment was supposed to arrive a month ago....and it's still not here.

That's just two examples, but I'm sure you have all noticed small businesses such as TCC being the worst hit by all these delays since we don't have the purchasing power to be the first in line when things finally arrive. I'm not complaining about the situation, just filling you all in on the current state of things and thanking you for your continued patience and support! In short, we're hoping to have new shipments of both coffee and roasters in the next 2 weeks, but until then, we've added a few new coffees to our "On Sale" section so you can stock up in the meantime! As a reminder, coffees in our "On Sale" section are discounted 50 cents to $1.00 per pound in addition to our bulk discounts. These coffees have been with us for a few months, but they are stored carefully and have plenty of life left in them!

Finally, we're still focused on releasing new guide videos so I thought I'd let you know what we're planning on filming and releasing this summer (have you checked out our YouTube channel yet?). We're going to finish our series on processing/origin specific roasting for the SR800 culminating in a guide on how to install heat probes and Artisan to your SR800! After those, we're focusing on back to basics guides on major roasting principles and then some updated guides for the Gene Cafe. Or maybe we'll do the Gene Cafe first. What do you think? Which subject would you be more interested in?

Thanks again for all your patience and support and please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

- David and the TCC Crew

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