We're Still Open with New Arrivals!

Hello friends! We sincerely hope all of you are keeping well during this challenging time. The good news is we're still shipping coffee and we just got some new arrivals along with a big restock! Let's start there and then we'll follow up with any special updates concerning us and Covid-19. 

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha Natural: We're switching up our usual Ethiopian selection and so excited about our choice! This natural processed Yirgacheffe has surprising body and juicy sweetness. Look for notes of peach, ripe raspberry and a bit of lime on a floral background. Fruity, funky and absolutely fun! Available roasted as well!

Uganda Bukonzo Organic

Uganda Bukonzo Organic: Like many Ugandan coffees, this big, bold selection is a hit among fans of African and Indonesian coffees alike! It takes many roast levels well and you can tailor it's profile depending on which flavors you want most. Consistent in most profiles, you'll find mild acidity, buttery texture, big body and notes of cocoa, brown sugar and raisin.

Honduras San Vicente Cielito Lindo Organic: This choice selection from the San Vicente Coop is surprisingly complex for a Honduran coffee! Unique and refreshing it's got a crisp front end with a lingering almond finish. Expect notes of dark chocolate, green apple and mild lemon. Available roasted as well!

The Captain and Covid

We've held off sending out an update on how the Coronavirus is affecting our business simply because things have been changing very quickly as the pandemic unfolds. We're pleased to say that at this point we are still open and shipping coffee! We're doing everything we can to keep providing you coffee during this trying time while also doing our part to prevent the spread of the virus. We're no longer allowing the public into our store and we're practicing social distancing by rotating our shifts and working remotely as much as possible. If you are a local customer, please understand these measures are in place to protect us all so be sure to call ahead if you usually pick up your coffee in person. Also, a few customers may experience very mild delays in shipping so expect that possibility when planning your next order. If anything changes in the coming weeks that impacts our ability to keep your coffee supply stocked, we'll let you know right away. Otherwise, we feel so blessed to still be in business and grateful to all of you for supporting us during this challenging time. Stay safe out there, friends! 

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