Our Warehouse is moving!

Warehouse moving

Hey friends, exciting news! We're moving to a new warehouse! First things first: there's no need to panic. This isn't a huge move and you won't see any changes to shipping times once we settle in. We will only need to close down shipping operations for a week (9/16 through 9/22) just to be sure the move goes smoothly and we've got everything sorted out. You're welcome to place orders during that week if you like and we'll ship everything out on Thursday, 9/23 at the latest!

More exciting news: we've got a BIG coffee shipment on the way that's set to arrive by the end of September with a bunch of coffees we're super excited about! We're expecting 2 Geshas, one from Panama and another from Guatemala, as well as 2 incredible Ethiopian coffees, a honey processed Sumatra and much more! We'll also be receiving a ton of roasters and roaster accessories from Fresh Roast as well as a restock from Gene Cafe. And if you're following us on YouTube, we've got videos planned on the Gene Cafe as well as some DIY modifications to Fresh Roast setups.

"So where are ya moving to?" I'm so glad you asked because we are incredibly excited to be moving to one of the most beautiful areas in the country: The Columbia River Gorge. Located about an hour east of Portland and 3.5 hours south of Seattle, the Gorge is where the picturesque Columbia river flows between the towering mountains of Mount Hood and Mount Adams. It's a dream come true to be calling this place home and we plan on sticking around here for many years! "But didn't you just move last year?!" Yes, and the last thing we want to do is jerk everyone (including ourselves) around all the time! We've always been in love with the Gorge area and when an unexpected opportunity presented itself for us to move there, we just couldn't turn it down. That being said, we're sad to say goodbye to Eugene and the wonderful local coffee friends we met there. You folks are wonderful! Take a weekend and come visit us at our new home, you won't regret it!

One final announcement: we have decided to suspend roasted coffee sales for the time being. This decision isn't related to the move, it's one we've been mulling over for a while now and it feels like a good time to make it. This was a hard decision, but at the end of the day we decided we want to really focus on home roasting and green coffee. There are TONS of amazing coffee roasting companies out there (some of which we supply green beans to!) and we feel it's in TCC's best interest to focus our time and energy on setting ourselves apart by doing what we do best: supplying and training folks to roast coffee at home. Now this isn't necessarily a permanent change, we'd like to offer roasted coffee again in the future, but it may be a way down the road and we aren't in the business of making promises we can't keep. We want to sincerely thank our loyal roasted coffee customers! Please feel free to reach out, we'll be more than happy to give you personalized recommendations for other coffee roasting companies OR do everything we can to teach and equip you for home roasting!

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