Eclipsed by New Coffee Day!

The solar eclipse and coffee have a lot in common! They both come in round shapes (in your mug), they are both black (or varying shades of brown) and they're both just magnificent to behold! Ok, maybe that was a any case, hope you enjoyed the Solar Eclipse cause now it's time for new arrivals!


Mexico Chiapas Tzeltal Tzotzil Organic: Please don't ask me to pronounce this one, I'll just make lots of "t" and "z" sounds until we both look confused. The good news is it's as good as it is difficult to pronounce! This tiny coop from Northern Chiapas produces only one container per year and we got some! It's drinkable and cuts milk and sugar well; think gourmet diner coffee. Full bodied and slightly complex with notes of cocoa powder and cherry.


Kenya Peaberry Nyeri Boma Estate: Oftentimes Peaberry beans are more subtle and muted than their "normal" counterparts, but we were amazed at how intense this coffee was! It scored incredibly well in cupping with a stellar 86 (it's rare for a coffee to score above 90). It's balanced and slightly crisp with a silky smooth texture. Look for huge notes of ruby grapefruit, green grape and red delicious apples with a dry finish.


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