Chemex brewers and filters return!

Hey folks! Hope everyone is enjoying the fall as much as we are. As things get closer to winter, we just get more and more excited about coffee! That's why we've restocked Chemex coffee brewers and filters.

We've now have 2 different sizes to choose from: the large 10 cup, 50 oz brewer and a smaller 6 cup, 30 oz brewer. The 10 cup is perfect for several people (or just one person who can down a lot of coffee!) and the 6 cup is great for just one or two people. 

We've also restocked Chemex filters and now carry both plain white filters as well as the natural, unbleached filters. Each order contains a box of 100 pre-folded, bonded square filters. We highly recommend using only Chemex filters with your Chemex brewer since they fit perfectly and are very strong. TIP: Rinse your filter with hot water before use to remove any loose paper fibers from the filter before brewer! You'll get a noticeable difference in pure coffee flavor.

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