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Nucleus Coffee Tools
$ 1,850.00
Includes a free 6 pound green coffee sampler, 2,500 Captain's Coins and ships free! Important note: These roasters are drop shipped from the US distributor who is closed 12/25/23 thru 1/1/24. Orders placed during that time will ship out 1/2/24. Finally, a true fully automatic precision coffee roaster. The Nucleus...
FREE 6lb Sampler :
$ 1,850.00

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Includes a free 6 pound green coffee sampler, 2,500 Captain's Coins and ships free! Important note: These roasters are drop shipped from the US distributor who is closed 12/25/23 thru 1/1/24. Orders placed during that time will ship out 1/2/24.

Finally, a true fully automatic precision coffee roaster.

The Nucleus LINK is everything we've been looking for in a truly innovative coffee roaster. Originally designed as a mobile sample roaster for professional roasters traveling to origin, it has evolved into a precise and flexible system that's used in roasting and brewing competitions all over the world. Now you can get competition level coffee fresh roasted in the comfort of your home with just the push of a button!

Simple enough for a beginner, advanced enough for an expert.

The LINK is a 3 part system: the Link roasting machine, the Link App and the Link Studio Software.

1. The Roasting Machine: At it's core, it's a fully automated fluid bed roaster. Designed to be used independently of the others for the sake of mobility and simplicity, it has over 350 unique profiles pre-loaded and accessible at the push of a button. All you need is a power source and coffee. The roast chamber has a thermocouple which reads the temperature of the beans in real time and it feeds this temperature to an onboard PID controller. This PID controller then adjusts the output of the unit's heating element in order to follow your desired profile throughout the entire roast. The profiles are calibrated for 50-100g batches, with a max chamber capacity of 200g (using custom user profiles). Combine it with the App to get professional profile recommendations. Combine it with the Studio software to access your roast logs and design your own profiles.

2. The App: Available for Android or iOS, the App uses some basic information about your coffee using the included density tube. It runs your coffee's info through a frequently updated database to provide professional profile recommendations. Using feedback from your first roast, use the "Advanced Dial In" feature to make the final adjustments to find your perfect profile. The "Fan Calibration" allows you to fine tune the roaster for your altitude.

3. The Software: Available for download to Windows or Mac (scroll down to "Downloads"), the Studio Software elevates this roaster to expert level. It allows you to customize the built in profiles to your liking or build your own roast profiles from the ground up. You can share profiles with your fellow roasting friends and even import profiles from Artisan Scope and other roast logging software to convert into a Link roast profile. Infinite possibilities!

What's in the package?

The Nucleus LINK comes loaded with everything you need to start roasting right away:

  • The LINK roaster
  • The roaster top with detachable chaff collector
  • Density tube
  • Dosing cup
  • Sample tray
  • USB cable
  • All packaged in a waterproof, military grade case

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand. Powder coated steel roast unit with plastic fittings (Nylon PA66), aluminum roast chamber, double layer borosilicate glass hopper, with plastic (Nylon PA66) molded body parts and replaceable silicone seal.

Capacity: 50-100 grams for calibrated official Nucleus Coffee Tools profiles. Max capacity 200g using custom user generated profiles (experience with fluid bed roasters strongly recommended prior to attempting).

The Nucleus Link includes a 1 year manufacturer warranty.
All warranty and service work performed at a full service facility in North Carolina by trained technicians.

The World Traveler Sample Pack - 6 Free Pounds!

Each Link Roaster includes a free variety pack of green coffee! Our 6 pound World Traveler sampler includes 2 coffees from each of the main growing regions (Central/South America, Africa/Middle-East, and Asia/Indonesia). We put some pretty nice coffees in there because we want you to be impressed and come back to us and buy more coffee! If you prefer Decaf or a mix of Regular and Decaf, we're happy to oblige. We get it: coffee is awesome, but so is sleep.

Includes 2,500 Captain's Coins!

Check out our Loyalty Program, the Captain's Crew! A purchase of the Link rewards you with 2,500 coins which you can use on your next purchase of green coffee. Since 2,000 coins can be redeemed for a $26 discount, it's like getting a free gift card with your purchase! Don't forget to sign into your account on checkout to make sure you receive your coins, which will be added to your account on fulfillment of your order.

Roasters ship free! If you add additional coffee or other items to your order, the free shipping option will not be available at checkout. However you can still choose our Captain's Special Shipping which is significantly discounted. Offer only available to the contiguous lower 48 US states. Please note these roasters are drop shipped from the US distributor's warehouse so you'll receive your free coffee sampler and roaster in two separate packages/deliveries.

Our Video Guide

Check out our entire trilogy of Nucleus Link Guides here or watch our Beginner's Guide below!

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