Yemen, Grade Zero Ethiopia & 5 More New Arrivals!

Hey Friends! A whole buncha coffee just walked in the door! With 7 brand spankin' new arrivals just waiting to be roasted, where do we start? Usually I pick the coffee I'm most excited about, but this was a hard choice. If I have to pick one though...

Yemen Mocca Kholani Natural: Kholani coffee is in a class of it's own, even within the unique origin of Yemen. It's a term of terroir distinction, similar to “Kona”, that refers to high-quality heirloom coffee varieties produced in the unique climate and soil of Yemen’s northern ranges. Kholani coffee is widely regarded in Yemen as one of its best and most historic. Often compared to natural Ethiopian coffee, it's in a class all it's own. It's got A syrupy body, moderate acidity and a very heavy, almost 1/2 and 1/2 like mouthfeel. The flavors have an herbaceous depth with prominent notes of dark chocolate, rhubarb and raspberry.


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gedeb Wuri Grade Zero: Grade zero?! You read that right, not grade one, but grade zero. This Royal Crown Jewel is an experimental microlot that's the result of a collaborative effort between producers, exporters and importers to make an entirely defect free coffee. That classification doesn't even exist! It's a higher grade than one and has zero defects, thus, grade zero. The result is a remarkably clean cup that roasts like a dream. Notes of sparkling lemon, juicy nectarine, blueberry and honey suckle.


Guatemala Atitlan Finca San Jose del Lago Bourbon: This single estate coffee is a rare bourbon only lot! Bourbon is perhaps the most famous coffee cultivar, having been imported from Yemen to the Americas hundreds of years ago and it's revered for it's consistent quality. Grown on the beautiful shores of Lake Atitlán, this offering is truly exceptional and quintessentially Guatemalan. Slightly complex with gentle acidity and a rich, buttery body. Look for notes of pear, concord grape, caramel and milk chocolate.


Kenya Muranga New Kiriti Gondo AB: The last Kenya AA we received from the Gondo washing station was phenomenal, so we thought we'd pick up the AB version as well! The cups are very similar since this is the same crop, just a slightly smaller bean. Maybe just a bit less "intense" than the AA version! Great balance, slightly tangy with a dry finish. Notes of ripe red grapefruit, milk chocolate and malt with a herbaceous undertone.


Nicaragua Finca el Pastoral Honey Process Organic: You may recall Finca el Pastoral since we got their washed and natural offerings last season. We were so pleased with them that we snatched up their honey process this season! This delightful single estate honey processed coffee is a real treat. Slightly complex with a blend of tart acidity, juicy sweetness and a lingering savory finish, it's full bodied and creamy to boot. Look for notes of cherry, lemon, graham cracker and honey.


Sumatra Mandheling Sara Ate Organic: This fair trade and organic offering from the Sara Ate Coop is the classic wet-hulled Indonesian cup. It's got low acidity, a syrupy body and smokey/spicy notes such as dark chocolate, pipe tobacco, licorice and black pepper. Bold, delicious and rumored to cause spontaneous chest hair growth.


Colombia Cesár el Rubi Estate: Last but certainly not least, this single estate coffee is our first from the Cesár region and now that we've tried it, it won't be our last! Surprisingly soft and sweet for a Colombian, it's easy drinking and sure to be a crowd pleaser. Balanced and creamy with notes of caramel, pomegranate, green apple and biscuit.

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