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  • 3 New Coffees!

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    3 Amazing New Coffees just walked in the door! Ok, they walked in yesterday and we cupped 'em today. Ok, they actually didn't walk in on their own...but wouldn't that be cool! Anyways, they're awesome. And we hope you have an awesome Easter Weekend!


    Sumatra Swiss Water Decaf

    Sumatra Royal Select Swiss Water Decaf: Ok, it's not often we're this excited about a decaf coffee, but this one is daaaaang good. Creamy, almost syrupy body a touch of complexity and a surprisingly clean finish! Yummy notes of dark chocolate and spice abound. 


    Honduras Marcala COMSA Organic: From one of our favorite Central American producers, this coffee is always a delight. It's slightly crisp and full bodied with great balance. Great at many roast levels and a wonderful blender or a great cup all on it's own, it's got notes of dark chocolate, orange and a walnut-y finish.


    Tanzania Northern Peaberry Plus

    Tanzania Northern Peaberry Plus: This was one of our favorite Tanzania Peaberrys last year and this year's harvest is just as tasty! Crisp and bright with a sweet finish and smooth texture. Look for notes of chocolate, lime and just a hint of raspberry!

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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Happy Thanksgiving to our coffee roasting and drinking friends! Here at The Captain's Coffee, we have many things to be thankful for, but above all else, we're thankful for you! We sincerely hope you have a joyous and wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Before we close up shop to go spend time with our families, we wanted to let you know that we've got two new coffees in and remind you of our Black Friday through Cyber Monday deals!

    East Timor beach

    East Timor Organic Fair Trade: While East Timor enjoys Independence as it's own country, we classify it as an "Indonesian" coffee since it is grown in the same region of the world and shares many similar attributes. However it stands on its own mostly due to being fully washed instead of wet-hulled like most Indonesian coffees. This allows it to be a bit more crisp and balanced, while still having tons of body and flavor. Fans of fully and semi washed coffee alike will love this one!

    Sumatra Mandheling Grade 1: This is the real deal, the highest grade Sumatra Mandheling available. It's an indispensable classic processed in the typical wet-hulled fashion Sumatran coffee is famous for, resulting in smokey, spicy complexity, low acidity and a syrupy body. Look for notes of baker's chocolate, pipe tobacco, cedar and a hint of black pepper. Perfect for West Coast and Hybrid espresso blends!

    Don't forget to check out our post-Thanksgiving deals running Black Friday through Cyber Monday to get your Holiday shopping started off right without all the pesky lines! We'll be offering free shipping on all orders, $50 off Gene Cafes and 2 extra pounds of free coffee with every roaster sold!

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