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  • Jamaica Blue Mountain is back!

    Posted on by David Tatum

    You read that right folks! For a very limited time, we've got Jamaica Blue Mountain Clydesdale in stock just in time for the holidays! 

    Jamaica Blue Mountain Clydesdale

    Jamaica Blue Mountain Clydesdale: The Clydesdale estate is one of the oldest coffee producers in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. Often imitated, never duplicated, this is stuff of legends. The best of island coffee is extremely balanced, smooth and subtle. Don't expect some wacky natural processed Ethiopia or super bold and spicy Sumatra, this coffee is gentle. Roast it light and drink it black! This year's harvest came down significantly in price (coffee prices swing wildly, this isn't a reflection on quality) so we're passing the savings on to you! We've got an extremely limited stock and won't be getting more for a long time, get it while it's hot and share with friends and family during the holidays!

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  • Jamaica Blue Mountain

    Posted on by David Tatum

    Well folks, it's time for the Holidays which means it's time for us to pull out the big guns. That's right, the real deal, the creme de la creme: Jamaica Blue Mountain! Accept no imitations, this is 100% certified Jamaica Blue from the famous Clydesdale Estate!

    Jamaica Blue Mountain Clydesdale Estate

    Jamaica Blue Mountain Clydesdale Estate: Real Blue Mountain is a mild, subtle, gentle island coffee. This coffee defines smoothness. Outstanding balance and creamy milk chocolate tones. Keep the roast moderately light to protect those subtle flavors and enjoy a true connoisseur's cup. Perfect for Christmas dinner or morning, or a New Years celebration!

    Not to be overshadowed, but we also received two other new coffees:

    Peru Las Damas de San Ignacio Organic: This delicious coffee comes from the COOPAFSI coop located in San Ignacio, Peru. It's easy drinking and has great body and balance with tons of sweet notes of milk chocolate, brown sugar, orange and just a touch of lemon.

    Kenya AA Maganjo Auction Lot: A fine example of the best the Nairobi Coffee Auction has to offer, this AA grade Kenyan coffee has a big, full body, a tannic finish and crisp red wine acidity. Look for notes of orange, lime and apricot. Fans of fine Kenyan coffee will not be disappointed!

    We also had a big restock of all our most popular green coffees bringing back several we've been out of for a while and rotated our roasted coffee selection. Happy Holiday shopping friends!

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