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  • Stock me up!

    Posted on by David Tatum

    Good news! We've just got a huge restock in! Ok, that's slightly less exciting than some new coffees, but we love our selections right now and couldn't bear to see them gone! Some of our favorites that received a helping hand:


    Guatemala Huehuetenango El Injertal

    Guatemala Huehuetenango El Injertal: We can't say enough good things about this coffee, it's honestly been hard to keep it in stock since it's so popular! We've been roasting a TON of it for our local customers and now you can get it roasted as well!

    Burundi AA Bumoco Society: One of our favorite African coffees right now as we eagerly await the arrival of the rest of the Kenya AA harvest. Excellent as a light to medium roast!

    Sulawesi Toraja: Another local favorite, this is the cleanest Indonesian coffee you'll ever have! Superb for dark roasting.

    Bali Blue Moon: Another dark roasting Indonesian dynamo, we love the huge body and spicy notes mixed with the sweetness of baker's chocolate and vanilla.

    Honduras Marcala COMSA Organic: A classic Central American treat, we favor this coffee as a first cup of the morning as it's super clean and sweet. Excellent as a medium roast!

    Decaf Colombia Royal Select Swiss Water: In keeping with our Swiss Water decaf trend, we've restocked one of our favorite Decafs! Creamy texture and great body with notes of milk chocolate. Great in a half-caf "House" or Espresso Blend or as a single Origin!

    We've got lots more on tap, so get em while they're hot folks! Speaking of hot, we've also updated our roasted selections. Know folks who love coffee as much as you do but aren't ready to leap into the wide world of home roasting? Send them our way! 

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  • 2 New Coffees and Roasted Coffee Promo

    Posted on by David Tatum

    Papua New Guinea Kimel Estate

    This week we've got 2 new coffees, including our first ever AA from Papua New Guinea. We've also decided to extend our 25% more free Roasted Coffee Promo through the weekend, so don't miss out! Both new coffees are being featured in our Roasted coffees and they're also available green for your home roasting pleasure:

    Papua New Guinea Kimel Estate AA: Being our first AA from PNG (we do love our acronyms in the coffee biz), we weren't sure what to expect. Boy, were we impressed! This is high grade coffee for sure with a big, rich body and silky texture, it's also got a slight crispness similar to Sulawesi. With a much cleaner profile than most Indonesian coffees, it's got a dry, herbaceous finish and notes of baker's chocolate and cinnamon with just a hint of black pepper.

    Guatemala Ceylan Organic RFA: The Atitlan region of Guatemala is often overshadowed by it's more well-known brother, Huehuetenango, but this coffee is a favorite around our shop! It's got the same body and slight complexity of it's big brother, but with a generally more relaxed and sweet profile. It's a bit more balanced and clean as well with notes of milk chocolate, black cherry and honey.


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