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  • Fresh Costa Rica just in!

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    New Central American crops are beginning to trickle in from this season's harvest which always makes Spring an exciting time around The Captain's Coffee. This week we were elated to find one of our favorite single estate coffees just arrived:


    Costa Rica La Amistad Organic: This has always been one of our favorite Costa Rican coffees and it continues to impress us. Incredibly well balanced, slightly crisp and just plain good. Years ago it was passed off by an unscrupulous importer as Hawaii Kona (don't worry, they're long gone) and with good reason! This year's crop features notes of dark chocolate, orange, honey and just a touch of lemon. Sure to please even the most discerning coffee snob! Wanna cut the work out? Pick it up fresh roasted!

    Oh! Almost forgot to mention we got in another new Central American crop for all you organic decaf lovers: Honduras Organic Royal Select Water Decaf! Straight from the Marcala Coop in Honduras and processed in the Mountain Water Process style, it's gentle, delicate and sweet. It's well balanced and crisp with notes of milk chocolate and mild lemon. This season's crop features a slightly peanut buttery finish!

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  • New Costa Rican Coffee and more!

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    It's our favorite day here at TCC: New Coffee Day! This week we're enjoying a new coffee from the Naranjo Valley of Costa Rica as well as bringing back one of our favorite Honduran coffees. Decaf lovers rejoice, we also restocked Guatemala Water Process Decaf!

    Costa Rica Naranjo Valley

    Costa Rica Naranjo La Rosa: The Naranjo Valley of Costa Rica has been deemed "blessed for coffee," meaning the growing conditions in this beautiful valley are nothing short of ideal. The 4 farms that produce "La Rosa" exemplify the best the valley has to offer in this balanced, refreshing and sweet coffee with notes of orange, caramel and a hint of cherry. Don't miss this one!

    Honduras Manos de Mujer

    Honduras Manos de Mujer Organic: This small selection from our favorite Honduran Cooperative keeps coming back as a coffee we just can't get enough of. Slightly complex, sweet and creamy with a mild body and notes of cocoa, tangerine, honey and cocoa. A delicious coffee that's sure to please everyone!

    Roasted Coffee

    Don't forget we're also offering Roasted Coffee as well! Can't find the time to roast your own? Give our fresh roasted coffee a shot! This week we rotated our selections and we're now roasting Sulawesi Toraja, Colombia Santa Marta and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga.


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