New Arrivals and Black Friday deals coming soon!

Hey Friends! There's a lot to cover today, so I'm gonna cut right to the chase: we've got a TON of really exciting coffee and Black Friday/Cyber Monday are just on the horizon! As far as the deals we'll have for BF/CM, I'll send out another newsletter 5-7 days in advance to give you a heads up as to what they'll be since they haven't been finalized yet.

However! If you see a coffee you're REALLY excited about, I'd hesitate to suggest you wait because we won't be getting in a restock before Thanksgiving. Or to put it in corporate speak: "while supplies last". So it's your call my friends! You can play it safe and pick up what looks good to you now, roll the dice and wait for the deals hoping the coffee you want is still in stock or split your risk and do a little of both. In any case, without further ado, roll that beautiful bean footage!


Colombia Huila Aguazul Pink Bourbon: This coffee is a stunning example of why Bourbon is the grandfather to so many varietals grown today. Pink bourbon is a hybrid of red and yellow bourbon varieties and is nearly exclusive to Colombian producers. This offering from 14 small farmers in Huila is balanced and rich with notes of milk chocolate, lime, honey and caramel with a floral compliment throughout.


El Salvador Finca el Gobiado Orange Bourbon Natural: This is a rare find: a single farm, single varietal coffee! This lot is entirely of the Orange Bourbon varietal and natural processed to show the best it has to offer. Medium to full bodied with a silky texture, look for complex notes of white peach, vanilla, dried orange and dark chocolate with an herbaceous undertone.


Bourbon Bundle: Wow folks, we've got in not 1, not 2, but 3 different single variety Bourbons right now from 3 different regions! Just grab all three at once, you'll thank me later.


Uganda Sipi Falls

Uganda Sipi Falls Honey Organic: Crown Jewel Alert! This is our second Crown Jewel from Sipi Falls, they must be doing something right! This honey processed lot is rich and creamy with a delightfully complex compliment of flavors. While honey lots from the Americas tend to showcase intense fruity sweetness, this one is surprisingly warm with notes of molasses, apricot, cherry cola and cocoa finished with toffee and spice.


Uganda Mountain Harvest Organic: Have you ever wanted a coffee with the flavor and depth of an African coffee but the body, texture and complexity of an Indonesian coffee? Do you like medium to dark roasts? This coffee is for you. Mountain Harvest has offered the heights of Mt. Elgon in this lot and you'll taste it in every sip. Rich, syrupy, and slightly complex with mild acidity. Notes of butterscotch, pineapple and candied ginger.


Kenya Nyeri Othaya Chinga Microlot AA: Like all the best Kenya AA coffees, this coffee stands in a category all its own. Meticulously washed, processed and sorted. Like a good wine, this coffee is effervescent, yet full bodied. Dry and tannic, yet sweet and balanced. Look for notes of white grape, apple, pear and a touch of peach.


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gedeb Zelelu Ararso Natural Organic: Save the best for last? If you're a Natural Yirgacheffe fan, then absolutely. This year's crop coffee from the distinctive Gedeb district of Yirgacheffe has been extremely competitive, but a few coffees stand out among the crowd. This single farm Grade 1 offering from Zelelu Ararso is chock full of blueberry and blackberry syrup with a touch of grape and bittersweet chocolate. 


On top of all those new coffees, we also restocked Yemen Mocca Kholani Natural, Guatemala Finca Linda Vista Gesha and more!

Fans of Java, Flores and Bali, don't worry! I've got these all booked and they're set to arrive soon! Sadly, I don't think they'll make it by Black Friday, but expect an early December arrival.

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