4 New Sampler Packs Now Available!

Green Coffee Variety Packs

This week for new coffee day, we're debuting 4 new sampler packs that we hope will make your green coffee selections easier! Too long have we only had one option for those who are overwhelmed by options and just want a variety of great coffee, now you can narrow your selection down using any of our 5 variety samplers!

Three Region Sample Pack (Small): Now we have our three region sample pack available in 2 sizes, small and large. Budget conscious but still want a variety? The small three region sampler is for you! Featuring one pound of green coffee from each major coffee growing region.

Regional Green Coffee Sample Packs

Regional Samplers: What if you want a variety of coffees but know that you prefer one major coffee growing region over another? Now you can have variety from just your favorite region! These samplers include three different coffees from the selected region with one pound of each. Check out our samplers from Africa, the Americas and Indonesia.

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