Posted on by David Tatum

Well Spring has hit our Mountains in force! Hopefully all you fellow coffee lovers are enjoying this sunny, warm weather as much as we are. We've got 3 new coffees for ya to enjoy on the porch weather (ha, get it!) it's a cool Spring morning or an iced coffee during the warm afternoon.


Guatemala Huehuetenango El Injertal

Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca El Injertal: Quite possibly our favorite Huehuetenango from last season, this year's crop is right on par! It's slightly complex with a huge body, creamy texture and a long, lingering finish. Look for notes of dark chocolate, lemon, caramel and walnut.


India Mysore Plantation Chikmagalur A: This coffee is definitely for the adventurous only! Funky and twisty, complex is definitely the best way to describe this coffee. More savory than sweet, it's got mildish acidity and a pretty big body. Look for notes of cocoa, almond and butter. 


Costa Rica La Alianza Organic: Delightfully sweet and smooth, this coffee is extremely balanced and mild. It's got a silky texture with a clean, quick finish. It's just  a bit less crisp than other Costa Rican coffees we've had lately, but we honestly appreciated the more gentle front end. We love the notes of milk chocolate, lemon, honey and almond.