3 New Arrivals!

Well Spring has finally sprung! To ring in all this incoming (hopefully) sunshine and warm days, we've got 3 brand-spankin' new coffees!


Kenya AA Marumi Society: This fine selection is definitely the cream of this week's crop. Don't let the price scare you! This coffee is stunning. The topography of this unusual area in Kenya along with an exceptional screening process lead to a unique yet distinctively Kenyan coffee. Expect huge body, crisp acidity and a dry red wine finish with notes of apricot, green apple and lime.


Colombia Del Rio Tolima Organic: We simply can't get over how stellar the coffees from the Tolima region have been lately and this offering is no exception. It's got a full, rich body and creamy texture with a smooth, moderately long finish. Look for big, juicy notes of orange cherry and raw sugar!


Peru El Cautivo Organic: We love Peruvian coffees because they tend to be mild and delicate without being boring and washy. This coffee from El Cautivo fits the bill nicely along with a distinctive and delightful cinnamon finish. It's easy going and well balanced with notes of milk chocolate and peach. Lovely as a gentle wake-up-cup and a wonderful blender as it goes with everything!


Don't feel up to the task of roasting at home? We updated our pre-roasted selections as well! Give us a try, we roast every single day and never ship coffee that's more than 24 hours old.


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