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The Gesha (or geisha if you prefer) cultivar is one of the most sought after varieties in the world. We current have in stock a natural process from Costa Rica as well as a honey process from Colombia. Try them both to see what this incredible coffee is capable of!

Regions: Dota, Costa Rica and Huila, Colombia

Varietals: Gesha (Geisha)

Roasting: In order to taste everything Gesha has to offer, we recommend you keep your roast in the City to Full City range (light to medium). For the best comparison, try to roast both as closely to the same level as possible and remember that lighter (City) roasts showcase unique origin characteristics the best.

Reminder: This coffee is raw, you must roast it before brewing!

The Gesha cultivar has created quite a name for itself in the past few years! It wins competitions left and right and rightly so. It's known for clean, floral notes which we think pairs perfectly with natural and honey processing. In this bundle we're offering 1lb each of our Costa Rica Natural and Colombia Honey Geshas at a discount so you can try them both!

Costa Rica Hacienda La Florida Gesha Natural: This Microlot from Roberto Leiva is refreshing and clean. The floral character of Gesha is beautifully accented by juicy sweetness through natural processing making this coffee a delicious summertime treat! We tasted notes of raspberry, strawberry, melon and hibiscus. 

Colombia Huila Las Mieles Honey Gesha: This delightful honey processed Gesha comes to us from 25 producers near the small city of Pitalito in Huila, Colombia. It's sweet, crisp and refreshing with lively notes of pink grapefruit, tropical fruit, honey and a floral undertone.

Gesha Bundle
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