Costa Rica Hacienda La Florida Gesha Natural

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This Microlot from Roberto Leiva is refreshing and clean. The floral character of Gesha is beautifully accented by juicy sweetness through natural processing making this coffee a delicious summertime treat! We tasted notes of raspberry, strawberry, melon and hibiscus.

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This microlot Gesha (or Geisha if you prefer) comes to us from Roberto Leiva of Hacienda La Florida. The Gesha cultivar was first discovered in Ethiopia in the 1930s but it took decades for it to gain the popularity it enjoys today. In the mid 2000s, it gained attention in Panama where it won a cupping competition for its distinctive, clean florality and it quickly spread to nearby Guatemala and neighboring Colombia. But many folks don’t know that the first place it was cultivated in Central America was actually Costa Rica!

Gesha is most well-known for a clean, floral cup, but what happens when you add in natural processing? Well if you do it right, you get this coffee. It’s juicy and fruity with notes of ripe raspberry, strawberry and melon delightfully balanced with hibiscus and a hint of jasmine. But what really separates it from most natural processed coffees is how clean the cup is. There’s very little “earthiness” and the finish is nice and refreshing. This cup was tailor made for summertime.

Reminder! This coffee is raw, you must roast it before brewing

Arrival Date: July 1st, 2022. US Arrival June 2022

Acidity & Brightness: Bright and crisp, juicy sweetness

Balance & Finish: Fair balance with a refreshing finish

Body & Texture: Full bodied, smooth, silky texture

Flavors: Raspberry, raspberry, melon & hibiscus

Grade: SHB, grown at 1900 masl

Processing: Full natural (dry) processed and dried on raised beds

Grower: Roberto Leiva | Hacienda La Florida

Region: Dota canton, San José province, Costa Rica

Varieties: Gesha (Geisha)

Recommended Roast Range: City to Full City (Light to medium)

We like this coffee best at City+ (light-medium) or near the end of 1st crack. However, it will perform well anywhere from City to Full Medium (light to medium). City roasts pulled early in 1st crack will have an emphasis on tart raspberry along with zesty citrus acidity while medium roasts between 1st and 2nd crack will be more subdued focusing on melon and honey. Lighter roasts will also exhibit more floral character.


Costa Rica Hacienda La Florida Gesha Natural

Costa Rica Hacienda La Florida Gesha Natural
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