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These fresh harvests from Costa Rica are the pride and joy of our summer offerings! Every one of them is a single farm coffee and 3 of them are single cultivars. Together, they span the range of Costa Rica and represent the best coffee we've ever had from there.

Regions: Dota, San José | Frailes, San José | West Valley | Coto Brus, Puntarenas

Varietals: Gesha (Geisha) | Bourbon | Villa Sarchi | Caturra & Catuai

Roasting: All four perform well for us in the City (light) to Full City (medium) range. For the best comparison, try to roast all three as closely to the same level as possible and remember that lighter (City) roasts showcase unique origin characteristics the best.

Reminder: This coffee is raw, you must roast it before brewing!

It's difficult to overstate how proud we are of our Costa Rican offerings this year. They're all single farm coffees and 3 out of 4 are single variety microlots. The naturals are bursting with fresh fruit flavor and the washed La Amistad is a balanced crowd pleaser. In this bundle we've got 1lb of each at a discount so you can try them all!

Costa Rica Hacienda La Florida Gesha Natural: This Microlot from Roberto Leiva is refreshing and clean. The floral character of Gesha is beautifully accented by juicy sweetness through natural processing making this coffee a delicious summertime treat! We tasted notes of raspberry, strawberry, melon and hibiscus. 

Costa Rica Finca La Bella Bourbon Natural: This single estate, natural processed Bourbon is absolutely incredible. The first word that leaps to mind is "Fresh". It's like a cool afternoon rain shower on a hot Summer day. A delightfully zesty front end is balanced by a full body, intense sweetness and a refreshing finish. Look for HUGE notes of fresh strawberry along with milk chocolate, juicy tangerine and lavender.

Costa Rica Finca El Mirador Villa Sarchi Natural: This Microlot from Finca El Mirador showcases the potential of the Villa Sarchi cultivar. In contrast to many naturals, it's got round, jammy sweetness with a rich body and what we can only describe as "depth". Look for notes of strawberry and rhubarb along with caramel and chocolate ganache.

Costa Rica La Amistad Estate Organic: This year's harvest from the venerable Hacienda La Amistad is harmoniously balanced, aromatic, clean and easy drinking. The owner, Roberto Montero, is committed to giving back to the land and people of Costa Rica and he's proud of their organic certification. In this lot we tasted notes of caramel, red grapefruit and lavender with a touch of dill. 

Costa Rica Bundle
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