The Captain's Holiday Blend

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Our favorite time of year demands our most ambitious blend yet! With 5 constituent coffees spanning all 3 major coffee growing regions and 4 different processing methods, our Holiday Blend delivers with our interpretation of everything that makes the Holidays wonderful. It's rich, bold and flavorful with notes of dark chocolate, cherry cordial, tangerine and mulling spices. Designed to suit all brew methods, it makes a perfectly cozy pour over as well as an indulgent and velvety espresso.

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Our favorite time of year is finally here! Crisp nights, cool days and an excuse to share the fruits of our favorite hobby with family and friends. With 5 different constituent coffees spanning all 3 major growing regions and 4 different processing methods, this is our most ambitious blend yet! But the goal wasn’t to throw everything in this stew, we’ve had this blend in the back of our minds while sourcing coffee for months now and every ingredient has a purpose. Designed to suit any brew method from pour over to espresso, we hope you like it as much as we do!

As we always point out in our blends, this coffee is just our interpretation of a “holiday coffee.” Our goal was a rich, comforting cup that balances milk and dark chocolate indulgence, lovely mulling spices, rich stone fruit and a touch of citrus to create a well-rounded cup. Think sipping cider or a glass of red with a rich dessert after dinner. Or maybe you’re cozied up by the fire in a comfy chair with a warm blanket catching up on your favorite book or watching your favorite movie! That’s the feeling we were aiming for and depending on how your roast this blend and brew it, you can slightly customize it to your liking.

Speaking of brewing: we tested this blend as a pour over, immersion brew and espresso. In pour over brews, the flavor profile leaned towards a more vibrant and clean cup with more cherry and citrus notes with chocolate and spice in the background. Immersion brews were more chocolate and spice heavy along with extra body and more sweetness and the fruit was moved to the background. Espresso offered a decadent brew with excellent crema and favored the chocolate end of the spectrum with lots of velvety sweetness. In all cases, the cup became more fruit forward and slightly juicy as it cooled, offering a fun, evolving drinking experience from first sip to last!

Reminder! This coffee is raw, you must roast it before brewing

Arrival Date: Varies, available seasonally

Acidity & Brightness: Slightly bright and fairly sweet

Balance & Finish: Moderately balanced with a spicy, lingering finish

Body & Texture: Rich body and smooth, velvety texture

Flavors: Cherry cordial, tangerine, mulling spices & chocolate

Grade: Blend of SHG coffees

Processing: Blend of wet (washed), dry (natural), co-fermented and wet-hulled coffees

Blend Components: Blend of coffees from the Americas, Africa & Indonesia

Recommended Roast Range: City+ to Vienna (light-medium to dark)

We like our holiday blend at the Medium (Full City) roast level although this blend is amenable to roast ranges between the light-medium to dark range depending on your preference. Right at full medium you’ll experience a good balance of bright and fruity along with chocolate, spice, sweetness and body and you can adjust which way it leans with brew method (see “Overview” for brewing notes). If you're looking to accentuate more fruity and citrusy notes along with brightness, stay closer to the lighter side. If you're looking for more chocolate, sweetness, body and spice, take your roast to the darker side of medium.

These coffees are all sourced from our current offerings and while the selections are seasonal, nothing in this blend was sourced “just for blending”. So you can bet the coffees in this blend meet all our standard criteria for transparency and quality!

The Captain's Holiday Blend

The Captain's Holiday Blend
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