Papua New Guinea Timuza A Organic

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This grade A offering from the award-winning Timuza Coop is simply indulgent. With bold, rich body and syrupy texture, it's got very mild acidity for a fully washed coffee. We got fudgey notes of dark chocolate and butterscotch accompanied by dried orange. Perfect for a dessert coffee cocktail or as a base for a decadent latte!

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Coffee from Papua New Guinea (affectionately known as PNG by most coffee folks) often goes unnoticed. Maybe it just feels out of place to look for clean washed coffees in a region of the world known for producing bold, punchy wet-hulled coffees. But the truth is that at its best, PNG coffee feels like it got to pick and choose the best attributes from several coffee regions and created a blend all in one bean. Pair the terroir of the Pacific Islands with fully washed processing and you can get a result that may astonish you!

Well this Grade A offering from the award winning Timuza Cooperative certainly knocked our socks off. The first word that popped in my head was “fudgey” in the brownie sense. It’s got huge body paired with syrupy texture and the acidity is notably mild, despite the fully washed processing. Notes of dark chocolate, butterscotch and dried orange follow with a lingering warm, yet clean finish. As a single origin espresso it shines as a “chocolate bomb” that would be right at home supporting an indulgent mocha-style latte.

Reminder! This coffee is raw, you must roast it before brewing

Arrival Date: September 29, 2023. Harvest year: 2023, Packed in Ecotact

Acidity & Brightness: Mild acidity and fairly sweet

Balance & Finish: Well balanced with a lingering, fairly clean finish

Body & Texture: Rich body and syrupy texture

Flavors: Dark chocolate, butterscotch and dried orange

Grade: Grown at 1550 to 1800 masl

Processing: Fully washed and sun-dried on patios

Certifications: Organic

Grower: Timuza Coffee Cooperative | 200 smallholder farmers of the Kamano tribal group

Region: Namura village, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea

Varieties: Arusha, Mundo Novo & Typica

Recommended Roast Range: City+ to Vienna (Light-medium to dark)

We like this coffee in the City+ to Vienna range (light-medium to dark), with the best balance found right at Full City (full medium) or after 1st crack has ended, but 2nd crack hasn't begun. While the brightness in this coffee is fairly mild, you can bring a bit more citrus forward with a roast on the lighter side or at the tail end of first crack. This coffee performs well into the dark range and as the roast goes darker, the chocolate tones will bitter into baker’s chocolate territory while the caramel notes turn toffee-like.

Royal NY - "The Timuza Coffee Cooperative represents over 200 smallholder farmers of the Kamano tribal group, located southwest of Kainantu in the hamlets surrounding Namura town. The soils are a mix of black & brownish red loam, with predominately traditional typica grown under casuarina and albizia shade trees. Average farm size is 1.4 hectares per family, with adjacent gardens for cultivation of food crops such as sweet potato, taro, and cassava. Farmers have received training and assistance in financial management, gender equality, coffee husbandry and standards for processing through local partners. The harvest takes place from April through September, with selective harvest of ripe cherry, manually pulping, fermentation in traditional bilum bags, washing, and full sun-drying. In 2016, Timuza placed 1st in the National Cupping Competition."

Papua New Guinea Timuza A Organic

Papua New Guinea Timuza A Organic
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