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Captain's Gold top 6! Java isn't just an island in Indonesia, it's also a coffee variety that has been growing in popularity the past few years! Thanks to its combo of hardy disease resistance and potential for excellent cup quality, I think we'll be seeing much more of it in years to come. This Honey process from Erick Lopez makes for an excellent introduction since it's approachable yet flavorful. We noted juicy peach and warm vanilla along with honey and caramel sweetness all tied together with a delightful bouquet of florals.

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$ 7.99

I know what you’re thinking: “What’s a Java coffee doing in Nicaragua?!” Well, this is just another one of those cases where famous coffee terms clash, even when they’re being used somewhat accurately! You see, besides being a coffee producing island of Indonesia and a nickname for coffee (thanks to the commercial production of coffee on said island), it’s also a coffee plant variety that has been gaining in popularity in recent years. It’s been growing in popularity for two major reasons: it’s fairly disease resistant and it’s got great potential for high cup quality. In fact, it was recognized in Panama in 2016 as a more disease resistant alternative to Gesha! And just like Gesha (and many coffees for that matter) it traces its heritage all the way back to Ethiopia. From there it was introduced as a commercial variety in Java back in the early 1800s. Then it made its way to Cameroon in the mid 1900s before finally making it to Central America in the 1990s. And now it’s here in our shop! Isn’t history fun?

Erick Lopez of Finca La Vanguardia has done a wonderful job of introducing Java for us with this selection. It’s wonderfully approachable and clean while still being flavorful. That’s one of the reasons Honey Processing is so popular – when you execute it just right, you get a delightful balance of both washed and natural processing. All the flavor without all the intensity! Besides being well balanced and full bodied, we found this cup to be gently bright and sweet with warm notes of peach, vanilla, caramel and honey. There’s also an undertone of lovely florality which we noted as jasmine, though the floral tones were complex enough to keep us guessing. Maybe just call it a “bouquet”! Either way, this coffee really shows off Java in a form that everyone can enjoy.

Reminder! This coffee is raw, you must roast it before brewing

Arrival Date: March 22nd, 2024 US Arrival: Winter 2024

Acidity & Brightness: Fairly bright & sweet

Balance & Finish: Very Balanced with a clean finish

Body & Texture: Full bodied, creamy texture

Flavors: Peach, vanilla, caramel, honey & jasmine

Grade: SHG, grown at 1450 masl

Processing: Honey Processed - a monitored and controlled fermentation process, predominantly Lactic and Alcoholic fermentation

Grower: Erick Lopez | Finca La Vanguardia

Region: Miraflor-Moropotente, Nicaragua

Varieties: Java

Recommended Roast Range: City+ to Full City+ (Light-medium to Medium-Dark)

Most folks will like this coffee best right at Full medium, which is after first crack ends but before second crack begins. Medium roasts will make for cups with excellent balance between acidity, sweetness, and body. As fans of vibrant cups, our preference was for a lighter roast, about midway through first crack. Lighter roasts will exhibit more clarity in the fruit notes and better florality which we noted in the form of orange blossom. Darker roasts will bring out more rounded sweetness in the cup as well as focus on chocolate and caramel tones along with a richer body.

De La Finca Coffee - "LA VANGUARDIA, nestled in the heart of the Miraflor ecological reserve, is a mere 24 km from the vibrant city of Estelí. Thirteen years ago, the López Gutiérrez Family embarked on a transformative journey, acquiring approximately 60 hectares of land in Miraflor originally for potato production. However, recognizing the untapped potential of the region, the family pivoted towards sustainable agriculture.

La Vanguardia now stands as a beacon of ecological sustainability and social responsibility. The family's innovative approach led to the cultivation of semi-perennial crops like avocados, strawberries, and the crowning jewel - specialty coffee. Thriving at altitudes of 1450 meters above sea level, coffee embodies the spirit of the Miraflor reserve. With exceptional varieties like Java and Maragogipe, the harvest is an intricate dance of innovation and tradition. The careful collection of coffee during harvest ensures not just a rich flavor but a commitment to preventing soil contamination.

The journey of La Vanguardia's coffee continues with unique processing methods. The Natural and Honey processes unfold on "African Beds," while micro lots undergo a monitored and controlled fermentation process, predominantly Lactic and Alcoholic fermentation. This meticulous management has allowed us to unveil the true essence of our coffee, with notes of Jazmin, honey's sweet embrace, peaches, vanilla, and caramel.

Beyond the rich aroma and flavor profiles lies a commitment to community and sustainability. La Vanguardia is not just a farm; it's a family project that fuels the economy of 45 different families annually, both within and outside the community. Through permanent jobs with employee benefits, they create a ripple effect of prosperity. Moreover, their innovative agricultural practices contribute to the improvement of land use in the protected area and the diversification of farms with non-traditional, eco-friendly crops in the community. When you choose La Vanguardia, you're not just savoring a cup; you're supporting a legacy of sustainable farming and uplifting a community.

Nicaragua Erick Lopez Honey Java

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