Komodo Royal Select Swiss Water Organic Decaf

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This "Sumatra-esque" blend from Indonesia and Oceania captures the best those origins have to offer. Comprised of wet-hulled as well as washed coffees, it takes on a variety of roasts well and boasts a bold, decadent profile with huge body and mild acidity. Expect notes of maple syrup, plum, baker's chocolate and a hint of spice.

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I'll admit I was drawn to this coffee initially entirely by the name. I mean, "Komodo"? No wonder a popular coffee chain (who will remain nameless by rhymes with Char Bunks) decided to name a dark roasted blend after it! The concept is great: take the rich, syrupy body of organic Indonesian and South Pacific island coffee and add a bit of brightness. Leave the complexity, but smooth out the rough edges. If you're into whisky, it's like leaving it in the barrel a few more years. The results is scrumptious and decadent with a surprisingly bright front end. We noted warm sweetness from notes of maple syrup and plum along with bitter sweet baker's chocolate.

Reminder! This coffee is raw, you must roast it before brewing

Arrival Date: April 22nd, 2022

Acidity & Brightness: Surprisingly bright, warm sweetness

Balance & Finish: Fairly complex with a lingering finish

Body & Texture: Full bodied, syrupy texture

Flavors: Maple syrup, plum, baker's chocolate with a hint of spice

Grade: Varied blend, high grown, very hard and dense

Certifications: Organic

Processing: Wet-hulled and washed blend, Swiss Water Processed Decaf

Recommended Roast Range: Full City to Vienna (medium to dark)

Start with a Full City (Medium), or just before the second crack. Feel free to take it as dark as Vienna (Dark) roast if you want to draw out as much body and spice as possible. Be wary of going more than a minute past 2nd crack as French Roast territory will see the body begin to thin again.

Royal Coffee - "DECAF KOMODO ORGANIC SWISS WATER PROCESS is curated from lots that the Royal team has selected based on cup profile, physical preparation, and potential to express excellently once decaffeinated. During the Swiss Water process, the green coffee is hydrated to expand the beans for caffeine extraction. The hydrated green coffee is then introduced to Green Coffee Extract (GCE), a unique solution of concentrated coffee solubles that allows the caffeine to leave the green coffee via osmosis while minimizing the loss of flavor compounds. Once the caffeine has been removed the green coffee is re-dried and re-bagged for transport, and the GCE is filtered of its caffeine through proprietary carbon filters and recycled to be used again."

Komodo Royal Select Swiss Water Organic Decaf

Komodo Royal Select Swiss Water Organic Decaf
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