Java Bondowoso Dawuhan Honey

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If memory serves, this might be the first honey processed coffee we've ever had from Indonesia! It provides a rare look at what Java can taste (pun intended). It's got plenty of velvety texture and rich body you'd expect, but it's also balanced and clean. Look for notes of rich brown sugar, stone fruits, almond, cocoa powder and even a touch of jasmine.

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$ 7.89

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The vast majority of coffee we get from Indonesia is processed in the traditional method known as “giling basah”, commonly known simply as wet-hulled. This unique method tends to impart an earthy bite and complexity to the cup. Some people love it, some people can’t stand it. Either way, it’s the flavor most folks associate with Indonesian coffee, without realizing that flavor is largely due to the processing. We’re lucky that we happen to have an example from East Java that’s been honey processed, which allows us to get a whole new perspective on Indonesian coffee!

This offering is great because it’s still got some of what we love about Indonesian coffee, namely the velvety texture, rich body and indulgent sweetness. What’s new with honey processing is we get a much cleaner cup with gentle brightness and even a touch of florals! In our cups we noted rich brown sugar, almond, stone fruit (such as apricot and nectarine) along with a cocoa undertone and even a touch of jasmine. Try this coffee and get a whole new outlook on Indonesian coffee!

Reminder! This coffee is raw, you must roast it before brewing

Arrival Date: April 5th, 2024; Harvest: 2023, packed in GrainPro

Acidity & Brightness: Slightly bright and fairly sweet

Balance & Finish: Balanced with a fairly clean finish

Body & Texture: Rich body, velvety texture

Flavors: Brown sugar, jasmine, almond, stone fruit & cocoa

Grade: Grown at 1,100 – 1,200 masl

Processing: Honey Processed

Grower: Pak Echwan| Echwan Farm

Region: Jeruk, Sukorejo, Bondowoso, East Java, Indonesia

Varieties: Arabica USDA 762 (Majority), Lini S795, S288, and Cobra

Recommended Roast Range: City+ to Full City+ (light-medium to medium-dark)

Start with a Full City (Full Medium) roast which is where we think most folks will prefer this coffee. This is best noted by waiting until first crack has trailed off but before second crack really begins. Feel free to take it darker (into 2nd crack) to bring out even more velvety texture and roasted brown sugar notes. Lighter roasts will emphasize the floral tones and stone fruit along with bringing out a touch more brightness.

Sucafina Trading - "Pak Echwan, a farmer in Bondowoso, East Java, started off very small but has a big vision for his village and coffee farmer community.

Being one of the head coffee farmers in this coffee-growing region, he took the initiative in his village to implement an ever-improving quality mindset and educate the local community. Previously, the villagers in his area who grew coffee never really thought about process improvements, didn't have access to education around coffee, and just wanted to sell it quickly and cheaply. Still, Pak Echwan is determined to lift his region's coffee quality year after year as he implements more and more proper processing, equipment, and storage.

For their honey processed coffee, they clean and sort cherries by flotation, after they’re carefully picked; then they are depulped and sundried on raised beds, to then be hulled and sorted, and finally, the beans are properly packed for export.”

Java Bondowoso Dawuhan Honey

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