Guatemala Royal Select Mountain Water Decaf

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Hand selected by the experts at Royal Coffee, this Mountain Water decaf is a delicious cross section of Guatemalan coffee in Decaf form. Rich, balanced and creamy it's just complex enough to make for a cup that's both drinkable and bold. Look for notes of cocoa powder, red apple, walnut and mild lemon.
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Here at TCC, we like to think we’ve sample a lot of different coffees. In a given year, we likely sample 10 or more different coffees from Guatemala alone. But that’s NOTHING compared to how many coffees the experts at Royal Coffee sample. So when they select coffee lots to create a regional decaf blend, we tend to trust their judgement. After many years of working with them, we have yet to be disappointed!

As we’ve come to expect, this blend from several producers across Guatemala provides a delicious cross section of what we’ve come to expect from great Guatemalan coffee. It’s balanced, gently bright and moderately sweet for excellent drinkability. Yet it’s also rich, creamy and slightly complex creating a bold, flavorful cup that will keep you reaching for it again and again! A “daily driver” decaf if there ever was one. This particular lot has notes of cocoa powder, red apple, mild lemon and a pleasant walnut finish. Finally, it’s not picky in the roaster, meaning it’s very forgiving for beginners as well as being adaptable to a variety of roast levels depending on what you want to bring out in the cup.

Reminder! This coffee is raw, you must roast it before brewing

Arrival Date: November 11th, 2022. US Arrival: Fall 2022

Acidity & Brightness: Gently bright and moderately sweet.

Balance & Finish: Slightly complex with a lingering, pleasant finish

Body & Texture: Rich body with a creamy texture.

Flavors: Cocoa powder, red apple, walnut & lemon.

Grade: SHB EP, grown at 1372 masl

Processing: Fully washed and Mountain Water Decaffeinated

Grower: Producers from communities in Guatemala

Region: Guatemala

Varieties: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, and Typica

Recommended Roast Range: City+ to Vienna (light-medium to dark)

This coffee has excellent range and will take a wide variety of roasts well. We like it best right at Full Medium or between the end of 1st crack and just before 2nd crack begins. Lighter roasts will bring out a bit more lemon and apple. For more chocolate and walnut, take it a touch darker. Darker roasts will also bring out a bit more body, but avoid reaching French Roast where the body thins significantly.

Royal Coffee - "This coffee is curated from lots that the Royal team has selected based on cup profile, physical preparation, and potential to express excellently once decaffeinated. During the water process, the green coffee is pre-soaked in water to expand the beans for caffeine extraction. The hydrated green coffee is then introduced to a unique solution of concentrated coffee solubles that draw out the caffeine while minimizing the loss of flavor compounds. Once the caffeine has been removed the green coffee is re-dried and re-bagged for transport, and the extract solution is filtered of its caffeine and recycled to be used again."

Guatemala Royal Select Mountain Water Decaf

Guatemala Royal Select Mountain Water Decaf
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