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Gene Cafe
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Includes a free 6 pound green coffee sampler, 1,500 Captain's Coins and ships free! (details below). The Gene Café CBR-101 has a flexible batch size (up to 250 grams /~ 8 ounces of green coffee) making it one of the very largest capacity home roasting machines available, so, within limits,...
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FREE 6lb Sampler :
$ 650.00

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Includes a free 6 pound green coffee sampler, 1,500 Captain's Coins and ships free! (details below).

The Gene Café CBR-101 has a flexible batch size (up to 250 grams /~ 8 ounces of green coffee) making it one of the very largest capacity home roasting machines available, so, within limits, you can roast as much or as little coffee as you wish.  Operation is so quiet you can hear the beans rattling in the chamber.  You can adjust both the roast time and temperature as many times as you wish "on the fly" during the roast process.  Time and temperature are independently variable, and the controls and indicators are easy to use and see.  The large slowly rotating glass chamber gives you unparalleled visibility of your coffee throughout the roast. 

With it's one-of-a-kind "vortex twisting" bean agitation, the Gene Café assures an exceptionally even roasting of your coffee.  The efficient chaff collector attaches to the end of the machine, so you don't have to remove it first to get to your roasted beans (thereby spilling chaff back into your freshly roasted coffee).  The combination of variable heat selection, even heat distribution, and agitation helps protect even beans grown at lower elevations (softer) and decaf beans from scorching.

You're In Control

Gene Cafe Features The unique and innovative design of the Gene Café makes it a sort or hybrid between the better attributes of a convection type drum roaster (Alpren Rost, Hot Top, Behmor) and the hot air fluid bed roasters (iRoast 2, Fresh Roast ).  Drum roasters generally develop better body, and fluid bed roasters are exceptionally fast, resulting in enhanced acidity (not the stuff that rots your esophagus but like the crispness in a fresh apple or dry white wine).  The "vortex twisting" (imagine your hands griping the pedals of a tricycle and rotating--they go in the same direction, but one goes up and one goes down) allows a drum like agitation of the beans, while the flow of hot air through the roasting chamber heats the beans in the same way a fluid bed roaster does.  So you get superior body development and enhanced acidity, resulting in a noticeably greater depth of flavor in the cup.Some of the better roasting machines allow you to pre-program roasting profiles, but once the roasting begins, you have very limited ability to adjust that profile (if at all).  So you sort of have to know ahead of time exactly how your coffee needs to be roasted.  But what if things don't go as planned?  Although it is admittedly a manual operation, you are in total control and can determine for yourself when to ramp up the temperatures if you want to "stage profile" roast.  If you want to simply allow your beans to heat in a continuous progression to a certain temperature, you can do that too, and you can change the temperature or time setting at any point during the roast by a simple twist of a reasonably sized knob.  Your setting and the current conditions are displayed on the control panel right in front of you. A small point, but these controls and indicators are oriented "face up" instead of to the side, so you don't have to bend over to see them (a blessing for those of us of a certain age who have graduated to bifocals!)

Unlike other roasters that simply have a "timed" cooling cycle, the Gene Café cools to a preset temperature.  If you don't want to use the cooling cycle, you can stop the machine and dump your beans into a colander or bowl-once again giving you flexibility.

The Gene Café comes with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. 

The World Traveler Sample Pack - 6 Free Pounds!

Each CBR-101 includes a free variety pack of green coffee! Our 6 pound World Traveler sampler includes 2 coffees from each of the main growing regions (Central/South America, Africa/Middle-East, and Asia/Indonesia). We put some pretty nice coffees in there because we want you to be impressed and come back to us and buy more coffee! If you prefer Decaf or a mix of Regular and Decaf, we're happy to oblige. We get it: coffee is awesome, but so is sleep.

Includes 1,500 Captain's Coins!

Check out our Loyalty Program, the Captain's Crew! A purchase of the Gene Cafe rewards you with 1,500 coins which you can use on your next purchase of green coffee. Since 1,000 coins can be redeemed for a $12 discount, it's like getting a free gift card with your purchase! Don't forget to sign into your account on checkout to make sure you receive your coins, which will be added to your account on fulfillment of your order.

*Roasters ship free! If you add additional coffee or other items to your order, the free shipping option will not be available at checkout. However you can still choose our Captain's Special Shipping which is significantly discounted. Please note these roasters are drop shipped from the US distributor's warehouse so you'll receive your free coffee sampler and roaster in two separate packages/deliveries.

Check out our video guide below to learn all about the Gene Cafe!

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