Ethiopia Sidama Bombe Daniso Horsa Natural

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A fresh berry bomb from Bombe! This single farm selection comes to us from farmer Daniso Horsa and it's so exclusive, only 100 bags are produced yearly. As we've come to expect with excellent Bombes, it's an intensely sweet cup with gentle brightness and a clean finish. Obviously we tasted lots of berry, including blackberry and blueberry as well as ripe peach and syrupy mango.

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In the last few years, the name Bombe has gained a lot more attention from the high-end coffee community and this coffee is a prime example of the best Bombe has to offer. This selection from farmer Daniso Horsa is so exclusive that only 100 bags are produced yearly. One of the things that makes Catalyst Trade so special is they work with farmers on such a small scale and we’re always happy for the opportunity to support small farmers. Be sure to check out the ”Farm Bio” to learn more about Daniso and Catalyst!

The best way to describe this cup is fresh berries and cream, like grandma used to make. And when we say berries, yup, this coffee is a certified “berry bomb”! As we’ve come to expect from excellent Bombes, it’s an intensely sweet medium to full-bodied cup with gentle brightness, fair balance and a clean finish. As mentioned, we tasted lots of berry, including blackberry and blueberry, but there’s also plenty of other fresh fruit in the cup including ripe peach and syrupy sweet mango. Sure to knock your socks off and having asking for more!

Reminder! This coffee is raw, you must roast it before brewing

Arrival Date: December 20th, 2022. Harvest year: 2022, packed in GrainPro

Acidity & Brightness: Fairly bright and intensely sweet

Balance & Finish: Fairly balanced with a clean finish

Body & Texture: Medium to full bodied and creamy

Flavors: Blackberry, blueberry, syrupy mango & ripe peach

Grade: Grade 1, grown at 2,230 masl

Processing: Natural processed and dried on raised beds

Grower: Daniso Horsa Faficho Farm | Daniso Horsa

Region: Bombe, Bensa District, Sidama Region, Ethiopia

Varietals: Heirloom Ethiopia: 74158

Recommended Roast Range: City to Full City (Light to medium)

Start at City (light) or just about 30 seconds into rolling first crack. From there, go a bit darker if desired, but we find it best not to go any darker than Full City (Medium or after the end of first crack and before 2nd crack starts). Most folks will prefer a City + or at the tail end of first crack. Lighter roasts will have more crisp acidity while medium roasts will accentuate more body and rounded sweetness. Longer rest times are recommended (48 to 72+ hours) for optimal brewing performance.

Catalyst Trade - "Daniso Horsa produces coffee high in the lush and lovely Bombe mountain valley on his farm near Faficho seifir (village). Driving through the area, romanced by the very “otherness” that is Ethiopia, growing coffee looks idyllic, and parts of it may be. But it is also a lot of hard work! In reality, growing, picking and processing coffee is never quick, nor is it very easy. It’s long days in the rain and in the sun, caring for the trees and waiting for bright white coffee blossoms to bloom and eventually evolve into bright red berries. And as they ripen? Then the heavy work begins—the constant picking of only ripe cherries, circling back every week or two to once again strip the branches of all cherries that have ripened since the last pick.

While waiting for the next bunch to turn red, Daniso and his seasonal helpers process the cherries they just picked. Being a natural- processed coffee means he can do the initial processing at his farmsite rather than carting them to a washing station. They wash and sort, then spread those cherries on raised drying beds, making sure the overall depth is one finger joint or less. Our Catalyst Trade boots-on- the-ground processing team is integrally involved throughout this drying process as well as the subsequent hulling, and ultimate dry milling steps. Daniso has a second farmsite in Damo, Shantawene Kebele, also in the Bensa zone.

In a recent event hosted by Catalyst Trade, Daniso Horsa was among the 30-some farmers from the Bensa area who attended our in-person conference at the Haile Resort on lovely Lake Awassa. It was packed with coffee tasting and discussion, details of advanced processing, finance and ethics, and many other aspects of what it means to work together in coffee. A traditional Ethiopian buffet meal followed, complete with injera and the national favorite Misir Wat, a spicy lentil stew made with secret and closely guarded family recipes.”

Ethiopia Sidama Bombe Daniso Horsa Natural

Ethiopia Sidama Bombe Daniso Horsa Natural
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