Costa Rica Tarrazu La Pastora

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A coffee that needs no introduction! Equally at home as a delightful single origin brew or in a blend, this particular offering is very balanced with a clean finish that's sure to leave you wanting more. Look for notes of red apple, meyer lemon, caramel and milk chocolate.
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I won't spend much time writing about a coffee that needs no introduction. Tarrazu coffee is a well-known classic in the coffee world and if ya don't know, ya better try some! Equally at home as a single origin brew or as a nice addition in a blend, this coffee is sure to please any discerning java drinker. This particular offering from Coopetarrazu is very balanced with a refreshing clean finish that is sure to leave you wanting more. It is fairly bright with a pleasant sweetness featuring notes of red apple, meyer lemon, caramel, and milk chocolate.

Reminder! This coffee is raw, you must roast it before brewing

Arrival Date: February 9, 2023 2022 Crop, Sealed in Ecotact bags

Acidity & Brightness: Fairly bright with pleasant sweetness

Balance & Finish: Very balanced with a refreshing clean finish

Body & Texture: Full bodied with a silky texture

Flavors: Red apple, meyer lemon, caramel & milk chocolate

Grade: 1,300-1,600 meters elevation (SHG)

Processing: Fully Washed & sun dried

Grower: Cooperativa de Caficultores de Tarrazú RL (COOPETARRAZU); 4,650 members

Region: San Marcos de Tarrazú, San José, Costa Rica

Varieties: Caturra and Catuai

Recommended Roast Range: City+ to Full City+ (Light-medium to medium-dark)

We prefer this coffee like most Costa Rican coffees in the light-medium to medium-dark range. Start with a City + roast (light-medium) or near the end of 1st crack in order to maximize brightness and make the cup more lively. You can take it up to Full City + (medium-dark) if you prefer less brightness and a bit more body.

Royal Coffee - "In Tarrazu there is a cooperative that runs like a clock, a very big and well calibrated clock. With more than 4,650 members from Tarrazu, a canton in the province of San Jose, Cooperativa de Caficultores de Tarrazú RL (Coopetarrazu) is designed to receive cherries from many small farms and consistently process their coffee into a well-balanced regional blend called La Pastora.

Like clockwork, a parade of vehicles of all sizes, from pick-up trucks to dump trucks coming from central receiving stations, arrive in the late afternoon full of cherries that were picked during the day. The cherries are quickly weighed and placed in a large tank with water to remove the less dense beans that float to the top inside the cherry. Next the cherries are depulped and pass through a demucilager that mechanically strips the mucilage from the beans. All of this is done with a recycling water system. The washed beans move down from the wet-mill through a long elevated conveyor belt into a machine that uses forced air to shed any remaining water. The coffee then passes through a series of dryers to gently reduce the moisture to 11 percent. All of this happens in a matter of just over 72 hours, which seems fast until you stop to consider that not a minute is wasted in the process. After all this, the coffee is rested for a period of at least a month in silos and then milled for export with another equally impressive series of machines dedicated to dehulling and sorting green beans by weight and color.

Coopetarrazu has an equally intricate model of income diversification with a profitable agriculture supply store and grocery store. Cooperative members also have access to low interest loans and healthcare."

Costa Rica Tarrazu La Pastora

Costa Rica Tarrazu La Pastora
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