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We've got in 4 amazing Colombian coffees representing a wide variety of cultivars and flavors! This convenient bundle features a pound of all 4 at a discount so you can try them all.

Regions: Huila & Tolima, Colombia

Varietals: Gesha (Geisha) | A blend of Pink, Red & Yellow Bourbon | Pacamara | A regional blend of Bourbon, Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Gesha, F8, and Tabi

Roasting: All four perform well for us in the City + (light-medium) to Full City + (medium-dark) range. For the best comparison, try to roast all three as closely to the same level as possible and remember that lighter (City+) roasts showcase unique origin characteristics the best.

Reminder: This coffee is raw, you must roast it before brewing!

We're fortunate enough to have 4 different representations of amazing Colombia coffee in at the same time right now! This convenient bundle contains 1 pound of each at a discount so you can try them all side by side.

Colombia Huila Las Mieles Honey Gesha: This delightful honey processed Gesha (or Geisha if you prefer) comes to us from 25 producers near the small city of Pitalito in Huila, Colombia. It's sweet, crisp and refreshing with lively notes of pink grapefruit, tropical fruit, honey and a floral undertone.

Colombia Huila Mistico Bourbon: This offering consists of pink, red and yellow bourbon which has been expertly blended to make a satisfying and harmonious cup. It's bright without being too bright, sweet without being too sweet and...well you get the picture! We noted ripe grape, apricot, caramel and dark chocolate.

Colombia Huila 36 Hour Pacamara: This unique coffee combines the massive Pacamara variety with an extended 36 hour fermentation. The result is a cup with a mild winey/oaky undertone with a rich creamy texture, sweet dark chocolate, caramel and guava as well as tangy pineapple.

Colombia Tolima Gaitania Organic: This offering from FABICOOP out of Tolima has everything you'd expect from a well-rounded Colombian coffee. It's rich, velvety, sweet and balanced with a gentle brightness that makes for an incredibly drinkable cup. It's got big notes of dark chocolate and cane sugar with a splash of papaya and lime. We also got just a twinge of hibiscus to round out this tasty cup.

Colombia Bundle
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