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Both of our offerings from Burundi were made Crown Jewels by Royal Coffee! One is a natural process and the other is fully washed making for an excellent comparison of what the local bourbon cultivar is capable of.

Regions: Muyinga Province and Ngozi Province, Burundi

Varietals: Local Bourbon Cultivars

Roasting: We like both of these coffees in the City to Full City range (light to medium). For the best comparison, try to roast both as closely to the same level as possible and remember that lighter (City) roasts showcase unique origin characteristics the best.

Reminder: This coffee is raw, you must roast it before brewing!

Both of our current Burundi offerings were selected to be Crown Jewel coffees by Royal Coffee! Try them both in this convenient sampler which includes 1 pound of each at a discount.

Burundi Muyinga Gashoho Natural: We've been SO excited for Burundi coffee to return and this offering is a great example of why! If you're a fan of natural processed Ethiopian coffee, you'll love this one too. It's a little less berry heavy, but exceptionally clean, very sweet and simply delightful.

Burundi Ngozi Bahire Washed: This Royal Crown Jewel is like a medley of the most popular coffee flavors and attributes you’ll experience across fully washed coffees in Africa. From Kenya there’s a slight white wine character, found most notably in the dry, tannic finish. From Ethiopia, we get a tea-like, silky body with notes of bergamot, plum and jasmine. And from both we’ve got crisp acidity and delicate sweetness.

Burundi Bundle
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