Brazil Fazenda Vila Boa Anaerobic Natural

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We're so pleased to get a fresh harvest of this delicious microlot! This year's cup has notes of pomegranate, black cherry, raspberry and milk chocolate and it continues to be one of the cleanest Brazils we can ever remember having. If you're looking to try anaerobic naturals but you're afraid of their intensity, this coffee is very accessible and easy drinking!
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$ 6.99

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Brazil is well known in the coffee industry for being a mass exporter of coffee, producing 40% of the entire world’s coffee. Most Brazilian producers mass produce coffee, focusing more on quantity and less on quality. However, there is still quality coffee to be had from Brazil and farmers willing there willing to break the mold. That’s why we’re so excited to be working with an importer like De La Finca coffee who’s on a mission to find these rare gems, including this stellar offering from Fazenda Vila Boa!

What’s great about this coffee? It’s a single estate offering from the Monica Borges de Sousa, it’s a single varietal of Yellow Bourbon, it’s anaerobically fermented and it’s somehow still budget-friendly! Fazenda Vila Boa started in 1988 after Monica inherited 90 hectares (222 acres) of land from her father; Vila Boa has now grown to an area of 378 hectares producing 10,000 bags/year, featuring several different coffee varietals including yellow bourbon as well as red bourbon, topaz, arara, and geisha. She’s blazing a trail in the Brazil coffee community and we’re excited to share in the fruits of her labor.

As we cupped this coffee, it was clear how careful Monica’s hand had been in the processing. Anyone familiar with Brazilian coffee knows that it’s nearly always natural processed, but it never tastes like an Ethiopian natural. Brazil naturals tend to be chocolatey and nutty, not fruity. And while we’re now very used to how anaerobic processing intensifies the flavors in coffee, especially natural processed coffee, we still didn’t expect to be so surprised! This is the cleanest, sweetest, fruitiest Brazil we’ve EVER had! Is it Ethiopia Wush Wush fruity? No, but I’d easily put it up against a Guji, and that’s still a giant leap for Brazilian coffee. We got notes of tropical fruit punch, guava, cane syrup and cocoa powder. The cup had great balance along with gentle brightness, a nice full body and a smooth, silky texture. And of course, we didn’t detect any of that harsh, fermenty flavor you can get from carelessly processed anaerobics. For the price of this coffee, it’s a mind-blowing value, don’t miss it!

Reminder! This coffee is raw, you must roast it before brewing

Arrival Date: January 12th, 2024, US Arrival: December 2023, packed in Videplast bags

Acidity & Brightness: Moderate brightness and slightly sweet

Balance & Finish: Balanced with a clean finish

Body & Texture: Full body and creamy texture

Flavors: Pomegranate, raspberry, cherry & milk chocolate

Grade: NY2/3 SC16/18, Grown at 1150 masl

Processing: 24 hour anaerobic natural

Grower: Monica Borges de Sousa | Fazenda Vila Boa

Region: Carmo da Mata, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Varietals: Yellow Bourbon

Recommended Roast Range: City to Full City+ (Light to Medium-dark)

Start at City (light, mid-1st crack) and go as dark as Full City+ (medium-dark, when the first few snaps of 2nd crack begin) depending on your desired flavor profile. We prefer this coffee at City+ to capture the flavor of the anaerobic fermentation and natural processing; but for folks looking for a more balanced and less intense cup, we think you will enjoy this coffee at full medium (when 1st crack has ended but before 2nd crack has begun).

De La Finca Coffee - "After graduating with a degree in psychology, Monica Borges de Sousa decided to shift gears and dedicate herself to becoming a professional coffee farmer after inheriting 90 hectares from her father and in 1988, Fazenda Vila Boa began.

With an excellent natural environment for the production of specialty coffee and elevations ranging from 965m to 1208m, Fazenda Vila Boa has an area of 378 hectares with several different varieties including this yellow bourbon, as well as others including red bourbon, topaz, arara, and geisha.

Vila Boa has grown to now supply natural, washed, and fermented coffees with an average production of 10,000 bags/year.

The farm is both Rainforest Alliance certified as well as Carbon Positive.

Brazil Fazenda Vila Boa Anaerobic Natural

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