Africa Sampler

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Green Coffee
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We offer a pretty large variety of coffees and we understand that for those new to the world of buying green coffee, this can be daunting. Lucky for you, we taste every single coffee that comes through our doors so we're here to help!

We try very hard to avoid selling two coffees that taste the same, and we are very picky about the quality of every bag so you really can't go wrong.  But, where to start?  Maybe you love having a large menu at a restaurant but you also get overwhelmed with the choices. Okay, you've narrowed it down to pizza, but what if you don't know which toppings you like? What if you could make a pizza with 3 of the chef's favorite topping combos?!

This is that pizza. Except it's not pizza, it's our favorite coffees from Africa!

Reminder! This coffee is RAW. You must roast it before brewing.

Here's What You Get:

  • Three different green coffees originating from Africa.
  • A total of 3lbs of green coffee - that's 3 coffees, 1lb each. These are not sample bags - these are full 1lb orders, giving you a few roasts with each coffee to truly try them out!
  • Our choice on what coffees we include - that's the point of a Sampler Pack.  If you want to choose yourself, order them a la cart!
  • We promise to include coffees that we think will represent the whole spectrum of African coffee well to help you decide which ones are your favorites.
$ 22.79
Africa Sampler
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