Ever wonder how professional roasters can monitor bean temperature and come up with those cool graphs while roasting? With the magic of thermocouples and thermometers! Also known as temperature probes, thermocouples measure the actual temperature of the beans during the roast. You can then use a thermometer like the Mastech MS6514 or Phidgets in order to send the bean temp to your computer where roast logging software like Artisan can log it and graph it for you! If you'd like to learn more and see how we installed our thermocouple in an SR800, check out this video:


And if you need a Beginner's Guide to Artisan to get you started, we've got a video for that too!

Links to everything!


3x150mm - Best for stock SR800 chamber

4x300mm - Best for Extension Tube and v4 or earlier Razzo Chamber

4x40mm - Best for Razzo v5 (if you didn't get their built in thermocouple)

3.2x110mm - A good option for Exhaust Temp


Mastech MS6514

Phidget VINT Hub - USB interface

4x Thermocouple Phidget - thermometer

Basic Thermometer - there are a bunch of these on Amazon sold under different brand names. This is just one example, just be sure the one you choose accepts K-type thermocouples, has good reviews and is from a reputable retailer!


Artisan Scope

Donate to Artisan - Artisan is free to use and open source, if you get a lot of use out of it and have some spare dough, donate to support the developers!

Thermocouple plug

Drill Bit Stops

Mastech Driver

David's Artisan Settings

This file is configured for the Mastech MS6514, but you can easily switch it to phidgets under Config->Device. BE SURE to save your current settings 1st before trying mine in case you don't like em.

DISCLAIMER: Modifying your roaster may void your warranty, damage your roaster and there's a risk of personal injury if you're not careful! Modify your roaster at your own risk.
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