Hario Buono Drip Kettle
The Hario Buono Drip Kettle is a pour over staple and its iconic shape is recognized around the world.  The kettle's slim spout makes it easy to control the amount and speed of the hot water being poured, perfect for...
$ 52.50
Hario Buono Electric Drip Kettle
The V60 Buono Drip Kettle is recognizable worldwide for its iconic shape and excellent quality. This kettle is loved by coffee pros and home enthusiasts alike. Like our classic stovetop version, the slim gooseneck spout on our electric kettle allows the...
$ 86.50
Hario Coffee and Tea Press
This French Press is versatile and can be used to brew coffee or tea.  It has a sleek design featuring natural olive wood on the lid and heatproof glass in the body and handle. No filters required! Capacity: 600 mL...
$ 50.49
Hario Glass Coffee Server
This coffee server features Hario's signature heatproof glass and a handle for easy pouring. It comes with measurement lines making it easy to brew the right amount.  Microwave safe with or without the lid.  This server is designed to minimize...
$ 14.50
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Hario Mini-Slim+ Coffee Mill
The Mini-Slim+ is a great grinder for both beginners and pros! This compact ceramic burr hand grinder is perfect for travel or home use, and is an upgrade from the original Mini-Slim with a newly designed handle and shaft coupling...
$ 34.99
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Hario Mugen V60 Dripper 02
The Mugen Dripper, though similar in look to the V60, is designed to be able to brew with one slow continuous pour. The main differences between the Mugen and the classic V60 is that the Mugen has flat walls, limited...
$ 12.49
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Hario Scale
The Hario Scale is designed to comfortably fit a server while maintaining a small footprint. This scale features a built-in timer to help you follow and repeat brew recipes accurately.  It weighs in both 1 gram and 1/10th of a...
$ 60.00
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Hario Skerton Pro Coffee Mill
The Skerton Pro is a favorite amongst coffee newcomers and professionals alike. Its compact size makes it perfect for travel or home use.  In addition to its modern design, the Skerton Pro has a number of upgraded features from the original...
$ 53.99
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Hario SWITCH Immersion Dripper
The Hario SWITCH takes the v60 design to a whole new level. Put simply, the SWITCH is a hybrid brewer; it's a pour over, it's an immersion brewer and it can also be a little of both. Inside this brewer...
$ 44.50
Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper
The classic Hario V60 is a standard in the gourmet coffee community. These ceramic drippers are made from Arita-yaki, a traditional style of ceramics with a 400 year history. Each dripper is handmade by a local craftsperson and, coupled with...
$ 28.50
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Hario V60 Drip Assist
The V60 Drip-Assist is designed to help both home baristas and professionals improve brew consistency by controlling the dispersion pattern and rate. It features rings of different sized holes that uniformly dispenses water over the coffee. The exterior ring has...
$ 12.99
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Hario V60 Paper Filters
$ 8.99
Hario V60 Paper Filters
These filters are specially designed to fit our V60 drippers as well as the Hario Switch, with limited flow restriction to enhance clarity and balance in the coffee. Choose between Natural and White, both are come in boxes of 100 filters....
$ 8.99
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Hario V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper
The V60 is iconic and recognized worldwide for it's functionality and design. The V60 differs from other pour over brewers in that it has one large hole at the bottom rather than a series of small holes. Furthermore, its conical...
$ 7.99
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Hario Wide Scale
This little scale is simple and mighty! It's very lightweight and perfectly sized for Hario pourover devices. This battery powered scale has a 3000g capacity and a built in timer that's perfect for monitoring pours and brew times. The digital...
$ 39.49
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