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Chemex Brewers are back!

chemex10cupThis week Captain’s Coffee brought back Chemex brewers and filters! These wonderful brewers make exceptional coffee as well as add elegance to any coffee service.  Every Sunday morning when our coffee shop is closed we make pancakes from scratch and brew our favorite coffee of the week in our Chemex.  The coffee is great and we are so glad to have them back on the website.  We are listing them at the lowest price found anywhere online so if you have been wanting one, look no further.

In the coming months, be on the lookout for more brew equipment as we work to expand our inventory here at The Captain’s Coffee. As always, we’re getting in more coffees each week! Our two newest coffees this week are:

Colombia Tolima Organic: This is one of our favorite Colombian coffees this season! It's sweet with a rich body and it's extremely smooth and balanced. Notes of cocoa, orange, honey and caramel.

Uganda Bugisu AA Organic: This highly underrated African coffee is warm and flavorful with mild acidity and a dry finish. It's got notes of cocoa and plum.

Our First Coffee from Zimbabwe!

ZimbabwesmaldeelWe got a restock in this week along with our very first coffee from Zimbabwe! We roasted it to several different roast levels and cupped them all and we're proud to say that we're very pleased with our selection.

Zimbabwe Smaldeel Estate AA: Zimbabwe grades beans the same way Kenya does, with AA meaning the largest beans. They are not joking, these beans are massive! But the taste is what really blew us away, notes of green apple, raisin and just a touch of caramel and lemon zest with a tea-like body and a bright, crisp finish. This coffee takes darker roasts well and if you take it darker, expect a bit more body along with less crisp green apple and more caramel and a touch of dark chocolate.

We also restocked Ethiopia Konga Natural, Brazil Nossa Senhora Organic and Colombia Water Processed Decaf!

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