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One of the highest grown coffees in Indonesia, Sapan-Minanga is unusually crisp, while still possessing the luxuriously rich body you expect from a Sulawesi coffee. It's like Sumatra's more refined and sophisticated friend! Arrival Date: September 9th, 2016...
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One of the highest grown coffees in Indonesia, Sapan-Minanga is unusually crisp, while still possessing the luxuriously rich body you expect from a Sulawesi coffee. It's like Sumatra's more refined and sophisticated friend!

Arrival Date: September 9th, 2016
Acidity & Brightness: Low acidity, surprisingly crisp for an Indonesian coffee
Balance & Finish: Slightly complex with a lingering, sweet woody finish
Body & Texture: Bold, rich body and syrupy texture
Flavors: Cocoa powder, black pepper, licorice and cedar
Grade: Hard and dense

Processing: Wet-hulled (semi-washed), shade grown in volcanic soil, hand picked & sun dried

Roasting: Vienna Roast (Dark)

Recommendation:  This is one of our most popular coffees.  People who enjoy rich coffee with very little "bite" and a long, lingering chocolate finish will enjoy this coffee.  It is Indonesian without the earthiness of a Sumatran. The flavor can be changed substantially depending on how dark you roast it, but it will appeal to a wide audience.

Our Review: Every once in a while we'll ask a "civilian" to sit in on a cupping session with us.  This strange, ancient, arcane ritual is a little intimidating at first--until you understand why it's done the way it is and what you are trying to accomplish--but that is a story for another day.  When they first sniff, slurp and spit, the comment we usually hear is something like, "Wow! That's good!"  Sigh.  We KNOW it's good--now tell us WHY it's good!  And here is where things get difficult.  Describing complex tastes and aromas and layers of tastes and aromas and then assigning a value to those assessments is tough.  And perhaps no coffee is tougher to describe than the wonderful coffee that comes from Sulawesi.

OK, first the geography lesson.  Sulawesi (pronounced Sue-la-WAY-see) is an island and part of Indonesia.  It was formerly called Celebes when it was a Dutch Colony.  Toraja is an area (or a people, depending on how it's used) on Sulawesi. The Dutch called this area Kalossi. So you may hear coffee from Sulawesi referred to as Celebes Kalossi, Celebes Toraja, Sulawesi Kalossi, or Sulawesi Toraja. See how difficult this is getting already?!

Sulawesi Toraja Sapan-Minaga coffee is produced on the slopes of the Sesean Mountain range which bisects north-central Toraja in southern Sulawesi. The coffee on the eastern slope comes down through the market town in Minanga, and that grown on the western slope comes down through the market town of Sapan. This coffee is some of the highest grown coffee in Sulawesi-- above 1,300 meters and up to 2,000m-- extremely high for Indonesia. As a result, these are the most sought after and highest priced beans in Sulawesi. Processed using the traditional wet-hulled (semi-dry) method, the flavor is representative of Sulawesi from an earlier era....spicy, herbal, and complex.

Sulawesi coffees are noted for low acidity and a rich, full body. Because of the higher growing elevation, the beans tend to be more dense.  This allows you to roast as dark as you wish and retain an exceptional sweetness in the cup.  Lower grown Indonesian coffees often exhibit more of a bitter-sweet cup when roasted into the second crack--not at all bad, and preferred by some, and referred to as "typical" by others.  The flavor terms we've heard used to describe Sapan-Minaga coffee include:  dried plum and raisin, caramelized dark brown sugar, black currant, warm wood tones, buttery texture, sweet floral, subtle spice, subtle surprisingly sweet-wine acidity, a rich, full bodied, mouth-filling coffee with spicy overtones and a dark, smooth molasses sweet finish.  One reviewer wrote, "the beans don't just evoke the classic Sulawesi flavor, they define it."

So now you see why Sulawesi Toraja Sapan-Minaga is such a difficult coffee to describe.  But while describing it is hard, enjoying and appreciating it is very, very easy!  If you are looking for the highest quality in an Indonesian coffee, and a coffee that will challenge your palate, this is the one for you.  The wet hulled processing method means that this coffee will roast unevenly--you'll have dark beans and light beans at the end of your roast.  In this coffee, that is not only acceptable, it is preferred because that helps add to the complexity in the cup, so don't cull the odd beans.  Although you can roast this coffee to a dark, oily French roast, we recommend you start your trials lighter.  Try a batch or two at the Full City to Full City + range first to really experience an exceptional Indonesian coffee.  Then maybe when we ask you WHY it's good, you'll be able to tell us!

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