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This Crown Jewel from Royal Coffee is not only delicious, it's a case study in environmental stewardship. Biodynamic farming goes above and beyond organic farming and we are happy to support the movement. The cup...
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This Crown Jewel from Royal Coffee is not only delicious, it's a case study in environmental stewardship. Biodynamic farming goes above and beyond organic farming and we are happy to support the movement. The cup is as stellar as the story: it's slightly complex yet clean with a full body, a bright, citrusy front end and a creamy texture. Look for sweet notes of peach, pear, tangerine, cinnamon and butterscotch.

Arrival Date: February 5th, 2021

Acidity & Brightness: Citrusy brightness, sweet

Balance & Finish: Slightly complex, clean finish

Body & Texture: Full bodied, smooth, creamy texture

Flavors: Peach, pear, tangerine, cinnamon and butterscotch.

Grade: SHB, grown at 1550-1700 masl

Certifications: Organic

Processing: Fully Washed, shade grown, hand-picked, sun dried

Varietals: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, and Catimor

Roasting: City+ (Light-Medium)

Our Review: "Dagoberto Marin Ludeña owns La Chacra D’ Dago estate, which is located in the rural municipality of Palomar, in the large and geographically diverse Junín Region of central Peru. The 35 hectare estate has been biodynamically cultivated since 2006. The Ludeña family also works with other local farmers to expand the biodynamic method throughout the region. Biodynamic farming was originally conceived in continental Europe. Its philosophy was a reaction to increased chemical fertilizer applications in the 1920s, which resulted in deteriorating soil and poor harvest and livestock conditionsBiodynamics surpasses organic agricultural practices by viewing the farm not simply as a place to avoid synthetic chemicals. Instead, agriculture is seen as a whole living organism whose health is a matter of balance, achieved through specific planting and harvest cycles that follow certain patterns, particularly celestial (especially lunar) movements. The philosophy attempts to promote ethical treatment of all natural resources, and the actions of humans, animals, and plant life are seen as interactive parts of a living system. Practically speaking, Biodynamic farmers set aside at least a portion of their land to promote undisturbed biodiversity (i.e., encouraging the ongoing existence of natural ecosystems) and attempt to be entirely self-sustaining with a conscious effort to return as many natural resources to the earth as are taken from it. Coffee from Chacra D’ Dago is elegantly clean, bright, syrupy sweet, and complex." - Royal Coffee

Biodynamic farming is an amazing movement and something we really wanted to support, it's just another plus that this coffee makes for a breathtaking cup. Lots of coffees we've had from Peru in the past have fallen under the category of "subtle". We take subtle to mean understated, the opposite of intense. This coffee breaks from the crowd and pushes the needle away from subtle and into much more flavorful territory. There's a slight complexity reminiscent of Guatemalan coffee found in notes of cinnamon yet the finish is very clean. There's plenty of body to spare and the texture is pleasantly creamy. The front end is gently bright, with notes of tangerine, followed by sweet peach and pear with butterscotch undertone throughout.

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