Captain's Coffee Club - Green

Captain's Coffee Club - Green

Welcome to the Club!

The Captain's Coffee Club is convenience delivered to your door. Each month receive 2 or 4 lbs of our favorite coffees in season. No need to remember to place an order, no need to spend time looking through all the listings and reading descriptions; we just send you a variety of our favorite raw, green coffees and the fun begins!

Which Size: Choose from 2 or 4 pounds of green coffee per month. If you're roasting for just one or two people, 2 pounds will probably be enough for the month. Roasting for a larger household or like to share the fruits of your labor with family and friends? Go for 4 pounds. 

What to Expect: Each month we'll send you a pound each of 2 or 4 of our favorite coffees. We'll send you green coffee from a variety of countries, processing methods and recommended roast levels so you'll get to discover the whole coffee world with us. And we're not talking the bottom of the barrel here, we're going to send you our favorites. Coffees that get us excited to get out of bed and enjoy a cup and coffees we serve our families and friends.

The Details: When you select "Join Now", you'll be redirected to log in to our site (if you haven't already). Just enter your shipping details and payment information and you're all done! We'll take care of the heavy lifting. You can manage your subscription in your account on our site and pause or cancel at any time, no questions asked. Your payment information is stored with our industry leading payment processing service and is guaranteed 100% safe, even we can't see it! 

So join the Club, come on aboard and discover the world of coffee with us!

Reminder! This subscription is for raw, green coffee. You'll need to roast it before brewing

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