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Behmor 1600

The only home coffee roaster that can roast up to a full one pound batch. Comes with 6 lbs. of FREE coffee (our choice),the small mesh drum,electronics cooling fan and the improved chaff collector.
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Fresh Roast SR-300 Combo Pack

The Fresh Roast SR-300 Roaster and 6 individual one pound coffee bags from an eclectic mix of our regular stock. 2 each from Central America, Africa and Indonesia. Our choice only.
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Fresh Roast SR-300/500 Roasting Chamber

A spare roasting chamber can mean the difference between a great cup of freshly roasted coffee or a cup of that grocery store swill. That's an easy choice! Fits both the Fresh Roast SR-300 and SR-500.
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Fresh Roast SR-500 Combo Pack

The Fresh Roast SR-500 roaster and 6 indivdual one pound bags of coffee from our normal stock. 2 pounds each from Central/South America, Africa/Middle East, and Asia/Indonesia. Our choice only.
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Gene Cafe (Black)

The next generation home coffee roaster. Unique off-axis rotation insures proper bean agitation and helps give a very even roast. Includes 6 lbs of free coffee (our choice)!
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Gene Cafe (Red)

The same roaster as the original black Gene Cafe, but with red housing for you red hot roasters who like to express yourselves! Includes 6 lbs. of free coffee (our choice).
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Gift Certificate

A coupon code that you can purchase as a gift for someone in $5 increments up to $50. We will email you a printable gift certificate.
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SR300 & SR500 Chaff Collector Base

The chaff collector base for both the Fresh Roast SR300 and the SR500.
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SR300 & SR500 Chaff Collector Lid

The top lid for the chaff collector that fits both the SR300 and SR500 roasters.
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This coffee has a dry cranberry sweetness to it that I found to be somewhat surprising for a Sumatran coffee. The body is heavy and thick, with bold and earthy flavors. This is a stout coffee!
This bean is much more lively than what I think of as a typical Honduran coffee. It is bright, syrupy sweet, and energetic. Honduran coffee usually has a more laid back character than this offerring. The fragrance of the brewed coffee reminds me of cin

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