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Aeropress Combo Pack

We think the Aeropress may be the best way to make a single cup of coffee that there is. Combined with 1 pound of coffee and you have a killer combination.
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Aeropress Replacement Filters

Aeropress Replacement Filters. Each package contains 360 filters.
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Aeropress with Zippered Travel Bag

Aeropress with Travel Bag. Includes 360 filters and instructions. This is the best way to make a single cup of coffee that we know of. A must have.
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Chemex 10 Cup Brewer-Classic

The name sort of threw us off for a while, but we're glad we got over it. The Chemex brews the clearest, sweetest coffee of any method we know. Elegant, simple, easy to use and superb coffee.
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Chemex Brewer Filters, 100 Natural Square

100 Chemex Square Unbleached Filters
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Chemex Brewer Filters, 100 White Square

Chemex Square White Filters
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Chemex Brewer with 100 Filters

Chemex 10 Cup Brewer & Box of 100 Filters--Please specify white circular or brown square filters--either one works well.
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Gift Certificate

A coupon code that you can purchase as a gift for someone in $5 increments up to $50. We will email you a printable gift certificate.
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A wet processed coffee from El Salvador that is nutty and chocolaty with a refined citric brightness
It is a hearty coffee, but not heavy. It's balanced and bold with a medium finish. Somewhat fruity for a wet processed coffee, it's tangy and balanced with fresh coffee cherry, chocolate and malt in the mix of flavors.

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