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Ahh there's nothing quite like the smell of fresh burlap in the morning...especially when that burlap is full of magic (coffee) beans! That's right, the Holidays cleaned us out but we're restocking some of our most popular coffees:


Happy Holidays!

Well fellow coffee fiends, Josiah and I just wanted to give all you wonderful folks a big Thank You for a great holiday season. We also wanted to let everyone know that orders placed after today will not go out until next week so that we can take some time to be with our families (and because USPS, FedEx and UPS will have erratic schedules). So from the gentlemen at The Captain's Coffee,

thanks and happy holidays!

Lost and Found

coffee in handsIt may not be our favorite activity, but re-organizing the coffee room has it's advantages. There's nothing better than stumbling on some awesome coffee you thought was gone! We found a couple winners this time, so now back for a limited time only:


Gene Cafe $50 Off Black Friday Weekend!

genecafeblackMore good Black Friday news! Gene Cafes are going to be $50 off from Friday 11/28 through Sunday 11/30! So if you've been thinking you're ready to take the next step in your home roasting and get the best roaster we offer, now's the time!


Black Friday Weekend = Free Shipping!

Thanksgiving is almost here! That means soon you'll be sitting around the dinner table with your loved ones, looking across at your family and friends thinking to yourself: "Hmmmm.......what am I going to get Uncle Ted, Grandma Josephine and Little Jonny for (Insert Applicable Holiday Here)?


free shipping on orders 99 dollars or more

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