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Black Friday: Roaster Sale and Free Shipping!

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Black Friday weekend is almost here! Just a reminder that we will be offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders from Black Friday (11/27) through Sunday (11/29). Stock up on your coffee and don't forget: nothing makes a better gift than home roasted coffee! We also have plenty of 1/2 pound and full pound valve bags to package your coffee gifts.

We also have a new announcement: Gene Cafe (Red and Black models) and Behmor 1600 Plus will be on sale all weekend! Gene Cafes will be on sale for $535 ($50 off) and the Behmor 1600 Plus will be discounted to $329 ($40 off). Give that coffee roasting friend an upgrade for Christmas (or pick one up for yourself, you deserve a treat!) Don't forget, we include a variety pack of 6 free pounds of coffee with the sale of every roaster to get you started right away.

Finally, we've restocked coffee in preparation for this weekend and brought back our favorite Peruvian coffee:

Peru Sol y Cafe Organic: This coffee is simply delightful! It's smooth, balanced and has notes of milk chocolate, orange, caramel and a hint of cinammon. This is definitely a go-to coffee! It roasts very evenly and takes all roast levels well, we like it right at medium to get the best of everything it has to offer. 

Have a Happy Thankgiving Everyone!

Free Shipping Black Friday Weekend!

BLACK FRIDAY 2014We are clearing off tables and readying coffee bags here at the Captains Coffee headquarters in preparation for next week’s Black Friday event.  You can stock up on great coffee selections for the holidays and we will cover the shipping. It’s a great opportunity to get enough coffee to brighten those cold winter mornings and compliment your festive dinners and decadent desserts through the years end.

Fresh coffee personally roasted, given as a gift and shared is a wonderful thing. Cheers to you for sharing your handcrafted delicious product with your friends and families. Here at the Captains we are grateful to supply great coffees which represent the home roasting community as you give these special gifts. Next week we will be getting a fresh shipment in on Tuesday, so look out for fresh arrivals on the website for Black Friday.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Huge Restock Incoming!

Well folks, the inventory here at TCC has gotten way too low for comfort, but never fear! We've got a HUGE restock set to arrive Friday (9/25/15)! We're going to be replenishing the supply of all our current favorites that are still available as well as bringing back three old friends and a brand spanking new Kenya AA that promises to be mind-blowingly delicious. Friday is going to be a GREAT day!

Coffee Harvests and Seasonality

gayodryingAs we wait patiently for new Indonesian coffees to finish processing and shipping to the US, I'm reminded of the seasonality of good coffee. The most common questions we get at The Captain's Coffee can be boiled down to the nature of coffee as a seasonal crop. Coffee is a very unique crop in that it isn't like lettuce because you don't have to use or eat it immediately to enjoy it's freshness, but you don't treat it like fine wine waiting for years for it to reach optimal taste. Due to the unique nature of high quality coffee, it is one of the world's most misunderstood crops! If you haven't had a chance already, check out our article on Coffee Harvest Seasons and Availability. You'll not only have a better understanding of when you can expect your favorite coffee to be available again, you'll have all sorts of fun facts to impress your friends with your newly aquired coffee geekery!


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