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Free Shipping Cutoff Change Coming

box-shippingA few months ago we announced that we would be trying out a change to our free shipping cutoff amount.  It had been at $200, meaning any order totaling $200 or more got free shipping.  We made a decision to try lowering that to $100 to perhaps encourage folks to buy more coffee which would compensate for the increase in our shipping costs resulting from the change.


Gene Cafe Price Increase Coming

stack-of-cashThe Gene Cafe roaster is a great roaster, but it's about to get more expensive.

Many people may not know that manufacturers set a minimum retail price for their products.  Every seller, like ourselves, must not sell their products for less than that mark.  As you might expect, the "free" market will push the price down to that number and keep it there.



Free Shipping - Limited Time?

Unfortunately, we have since changed the free shipping cutoff back to $200, making this news no longer valid. We just couldn't sustain the costs.  More information is here.

With the success of our Free Shipping deal for the holidays, we are going to try something new.  In the past, we offerred free shipping for any order over $199.  We have a handful of customers that take advantage of this deal, but not a lot.  $200 worth of coffee is more than most people are willing to purchase at one time.

Beginning right now we are going to lower the free shipping cutoff to $99.  That means that any order totalling $99 or more will get free shipping anywhere in the US (except Alaska and Hawaii).

We have just gotten word that FedEx and UPS are raising their shipping rates this month, and we don't know yet exactly what the new rates will be.  Consequently, it is hard for us to predict how long we will be able to keep this deal going.  To that end, we would really love to hear from all of our customers on how shipping impacts your buying decisions.  Obviously, free shipping is nice but how does the $99 cutoff influence you?

Based on feedback, sales numbers, and what happens to shipping costs we may adjust this over the coming months as we try to find a sweet spot that keeps us viable but also appeals to most of our customers.

if you don't mind, send us feedback via email on our contact page or head over to the Facebook page We appreciate it!

Thanks everybody!  Happy New Year.

  -Ben & Heather

Cruising, Coffee, and 15 Years

As of June 20 Heather and I have been married for 15 years.  We think that's cause for celebration.  Personally, I'm suprised that she made it this long.  It's a testament to her fortitude that she has survived me for 15 years, to be sure.  I'm convinced that this feat should earn her some kind of international humanitariam award.  I picture it being presented by Nelson Mandela.  Maybe Oprah WInfrey could do a dramatic reading of a Maya Angelou poem.

At any rate, Heather and I are going on a cruise for the week.


Skeleton Crew Next Week

I'm always surprised when people think that we are a large company.  I guess it has something to do with the fact that we are an online business, but it still surprises me.  In fact, it's just me and Heather most of the time.  We also have two people that help us out on busier days.  Their names are Molly and Martha-Margaret.

vacation beachI think our being a small business is an advantage most of the time.  It makes it easier to give things a more personal touch which is something I think most of our customers genuinely appreciate.  But, it does make taking a vacation a little more difficult.

Heather and I have 3 kids.  Two in elementary school and one just entering middle school (shiver).  Their spring break begins this week and we are going to take them to the beach for a few days.  Specifically, we will be gone Monday April 1 - Thursday April 4.  That's next week.

During that week, the store will remain open and orders will continue to go out.  However, Molly and Martha will be running the store on their own and so things may run a little slower than usual since we are running with a skeleton crew next week.  

Under normal circumstances, we try to get orders out the door by the next day, and usually it goes out the same day.  Honestly, that's pretty amazing when you consider that companies with more resources than ours take a couple of days to get orders packaged and out the door.

So, next week you might have to factor in an extra day in your shipping estimate but rest assured your coffee is on its way.

Heather and I will still answer the phone and emails, assuming we can hear the ringing over the sound of the surf and our children giggling!

Also, welcome Molly and Martha to the crew!  They are doing a fantastic job helping us feed your coffee habit.

free shipping on orders 99 dollars or more

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