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An exciting new Costa Rican coffee

monte crisolSpring comes a bit later to us here in the mountains and we are so excited as life is starting to burst around us. Life here feels light and clean like our newly arrived Costa Rica Monte Crisol West Valley beans. This coffee is harvested in winter with the flowering taking place in March.  It has all the characteristics we love about Costa Rican coffee, bright and refreshing. Monte Crisol coffee brings to the cup a delightful chocolate cherry undertone which is not often found in Costa Rican Coffee, providing a sensational cup of coffee. It is a perfect balance of serious flavor and refreshing brightness. 

The Monte Crisol bean comes to us from  a fully functioning cooperative which reports that the 1350 members all receive full benefits. This includes medical services to all associates and their families, financial services for the growers, and economical contribution through Madre Verde Foundation. The Coop is also committed to the environment. They have implemented forest protection programs, they are certified ISO 9001/14001, they minimize water consumptionand process optimization during milling. Solid wastes are transformed into organic fertilizers.  

We also restocked some of our current favorites including Sulawesi Toraja, Peru Decaf Organic and our current shop favorite, Guatemala Ceylan Organic!

On side note we have been having phone issues with our toll free provider and apologize if you have not been able to reach us. We are working on it and expect it to be resolved shortly. On the other hand the email is working flawlessly. We always enjoy hearing from you! 



Two New African Coffees

When you've been in the coffee game for a while, you understand the need to carry certain coffees all the time because they are always popular. Every region has it's popular choices; In Indonesia it's Sumatra, in the Americas it's Guatemala and Colombia and in Africa it's Kenya and Ethiopia. Now don't get me wrong, these coffees are popular for a reason and they've earned their reputation as fine coffee producing countries. But part of the wonder and magic of this coffee thing we do is discovering unexpected and underrated coffees. The two new African coffees we have for you are two such treats.


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