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New Coffee for the weekend!

Here in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, the leaves have turned and gone, but Fall is still in full swing! In honor of the upcoming chilly days ahead, we're bringing you some new coffees to keep you warm and fuzzy.

Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima Organic: One of the best Brazilian coffees we've had and organic to boot! This coffee is smooth with low acidity and a caramel and peanut finish that'll warm you right up. Careful though, it's very responsive to roast levels so don't take it too dark! We like it at a nice full medium.

Peru Royal Select Water Decaf Organic: For those chilly Fall nights, we've brought back one of our favorite decafs. Also organic, it's got a really smooth, milk chocolate-y taste that's sure to please even the pickiest of coffee drinkers. We like to describe this coffee as elegant and subtle.

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