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Costa Rica La Amistad Organic


Spring has finally sprung here in the Blue Ridge Mountains! We're so excited about the warm weather, we decided it was time to bring back one of our favorite Spring time coffees.

Costa Rica La Amistad Estate Organic: Finding a Costa Rican coffee with Organic certification is rare, but finding an AMAZING one is even more rare! This "unicorn" coffee is one of our all-time favorites and we just can't get enough. It's perfect for the Spring time; extremely balanced, medium bodied and aromatic. This year's crop features notes of dark chocolate, caramel, orange and honey. It's sweet with a long, refreshing finish. Perfect for those crisp Spring Saturday mornings!

New Coffee and Restock!

peruaprocassiWe got a whole buncha coffee in this week! We restocked, brought back 2 new crops of recent favorites and a brand new coffee from Peru:

Peru Aprocassi Organic Fair Trade: This delicious coffee from the Aprocassi Co-op is mild, smooth and balanced with just a bit more "oomph" than recent Peruvian coffees. It's got notes of buttery almond, cocoa and lemon. This coffee roasts very evenly and can handle a variety of roasts, but we like it best right at Full City (medium).

D.R. Congo Organic Kivu Botembo Village: This new crop from the Democratic Republic of Congo has many of the same features we loved about the last crop: a rich, almost syrupy body, complexity and notes of dark chocolate, cherry and mandarin orange. Fans of African and Indonesian coffee alike will love this one!

India Monsooned Malabar AA: This unusual and unique coffee just keeps coming back as a fan favorite! It take 16 months to process and the beans are MASSIVE. It features a rich body and extremely low acidity with baker's chocolate, black pepper and spice. It's funky and strange, so folks either love it or hate it. We love it in an espresso blend as it adds just the right amount of "weird" to make it really pop!

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