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Two Brand New Coffees

sumatratakengonToday we're announcing two brand spanking new coffees. We cupped these two beauties and wow. Just wow.

Sumatra Takengon Organic Fair Trade: This one is for you dark roast lovers. From one of the best coffee producing regions in Indonesia, it's got the cleanest finish we've had in a Sumatran coffee in a while. The body is nice and syrupy with notes of baker's chocolate, pipe tobacco and a hint of stone fruit. It's got all the body and flavor of a good Sumatran, but with much less harsh bite.

Colombia Tolima Organic: Some of the finest coffee coming out of Colombia has been coming out of the Tolima region this year. Unusually sweet and exceptionally balanced are the best words to describe this distinctive coffee. It's got notes of orange, honey, cocoa, caramel and a hint of rose. It's got a medium body and a nice long finish so you have plenty of time to enjoy the symphony of flavors.

2 New Coffees and a Restock

peru-cautivo-raised-bedsTwo new coffees to start out your week! Ok, one of them is pretty new and one we had very recently, but we missed it oh so much!

Peru El Cautivo Estate Organic: Classy and subtle with a delicate body. This elegant coffee has notes of lemon and cocoa with a sweet cinnamon finish. Don't let it fool you, it may be subtle and light but it's anything but boring!

Nicaragua Jinotega Paraiso Organic: We had this tasty coffee back in July and decided to bring it back! Rich, buttery body with notes of dark chocolate and walnut. This versatile coffee is packed with flavor and will taste great through a variety of roasts.

We also restocked Papua New Guinea Nebilyer Valley A/X, Guatemala Ceylan Organic and we even got our hands on a little Bali Blue Moon!

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