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New Coffee for Memorial Day

rwandapeaberry2Happy Memorial Day! As we honor the men and women who gave their lives for our country today, we raise a cup of coffee in their memory. We took some time to cup and enjoy three new coffees that we want to share with you before we spend the rest of the day with our families and friends celebrating this beautiful Holiday. 

Kenya AA Kianjiru Auction Lot: We've been waiting anxiously for the Kenyan auction lot coffees to hit the states and our patience has been rewarded! This exceptional coffee has tons of rich body and a dry, white wine finish that's sure to impress any coffee officionado. The flavors are very well balanced with notes of lime, nectarine and white grapefruit.

Ethiopia Sidamo Natural "Gerbicho Killa" Aleta Wondo: This natural process Ethiopian coffee comes from the village of Gerbicho Killa. It's a single estate, grade 3, special prep meaning it's the best of the best! It's incredibly juicy and complex with huge notes of strawberry and cocoa powder with a hint of blueberry. 

Rwanda Peaberry Misozi Kopakama: This fair trade Peaberry comes from the Kopakama co-op in Rwanda. We've been impressed with Rwandan coffee lately and this is no exception. It's delicate and sweet with a white tea-like body. The finish is quick, clean and crisp with notes of peach, nectarine and vanilla bean. Perfect for an after-lunch coffee, iced or hot.


How do I choose?!

panamagarrido2It's new coffee arrival day! This week we received four new coffees, some we've had before that are new crops and some that are brand spanking new. All represent a broad spectrum from all 3 major coffee regions that are sure to please anyone. With this big of a range, we'll introduce them as coffees we prefer to roast light to coffees we roast dark, though it should be noted, the best part about home coffee roasting is that you can decide how you like to roast them best!


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