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Coffee Harvests and Seasonality

gayodryingAs we wait patiently for new Indonesian coffees to finish processing and shipping to the US, I'm reminded of the seasonality of good coffee. The most common questions we get at The Captain's Coffee can be boiled down to the nature of coffee as a seasonal crop. Coffee is a very unique crop in that it isn't like lettuce because you don't have to use or eat it immediately to enjoy it's freshness, but you don't treat it like fine wine waiting for years for it to reach optimal taste. Due to the unique nature of high quality coffee, it is one of the world's most misunderstood crops! If you haven't had a chance already, check out our article on Coffee Harvest Seasons and Availability. You'll not only have a better understanding of when you can expect your favorite coffee to be available again, you'll have all sorts of fun facts to impress your friends with your newly aquired coffee geekery!

Two New African Peaberrys

TanzPBMondulWe went a little Peaberry crazy this week and picked up not one, but two African Peaberrys! 

Kenya Peaberry Waheyna: This Peaberry is a distinctive auction lot with everything you love about "normal" Kenya but just toned down a bit. There's the red wine and lime acidity, but it's more gentle and less forward. You'll also find a silky body and notes of apricot and slightly tart green apple. For fans of Kenyan coffee and folks who find Kenyan to be a bit overwhelming! Well, pretty much everyone will enjoy this distinctive coffee!

Tanzania Peaberry Mondul Estate: From one of the oldest estates in Northern Tanzania, this coffee has super low acidity and a light, subtle body. It's got a laid back and easy going feel with notes of baker's chocolate, grapefruit and a hint of peach sweetness. A warm summer Sunday afternoon kinda coffee.

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