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New Coffee and a Restock!

guatemalaadiestoWe're a little late for new coffee day, but better late than never! Particularly when you're as excited as we are about our new Guatemala Huehuetenango. This one won't last long, get it while it lasts!

Guatemala Huehuetenango Adiesto Organic: The Adiesto co-op is a growing co-op dedicated to bringing more sustainability and organic practices to coffee growing in the Huehuetenango region. This delicious coffee is rich, full-bodied and creamy with notes of cocoa, walnuts and strawberries. Fans of good Guatemalan coffee should not miss the chance to try this one!

We also restocked Organic Java, Organic Flores and Organic Nicaragua!

Three New Coffees

ethiopiahambelaIt's our favorite day again, new coffee day!

Ethiopia Hambela Alaka Grade 1: When we heard about this coffee, we just had to get it. It's a single farm, special prep Grade 1 coffee, which means it's coffee geek gold! We cupped it and it did not disappoint. Floral, fruity and fresh, it's got a bright lime front end with a soft silky finish. Top it off with notes of raspberry, peach and melon, this coffee is sure to impress even the snobbiest of coffee snobs!

East Timor Organic and Fair Trade: This coffee is classically Indonesian with a clean and mellow taste that's all it's own. Rich, buttery body with notes of dark chocolate and caramel and a long nutty finish. If you've never had coffee from this tiny island, now's your chance, you won't regret it!

Papua New Guinea Kimel Estate Peaberry: We like to keep a peaberry coffee in stock and this one is one of our favorites. Most peaberrys are more subtle versions of their "normal" counterparts, but there's nothing subtle about the rich, full body and flavor of this one! It's got low acidity and notes of orange, honey and brown sugar.

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